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BREAKING: Dogs Welcome at Select Walt Disney World Hotels for a Fee Beginning October 15th

Beginning this Sunday, October 15th, for the first time ever, the Walt Disney World Resort will welcome guests – and their dogs – to four of its resort hotels.

Four Walt Disney World resort hotels have been designated dog friendly. Each property’s per night/per room pet-cleaning rate is:

  • Disney’s Art of Animation Resort $50/night
  • Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort $50/night
  • Disney’s Yacht Club Resort $75/night
  • Cabins at Disney’s Ft. Wilderness Resort $50/night

A maximum of two dogs per guest room can be accommodated. Each guest room will have easy access to outdoor pet walkways for exercise and green spaces with pet relief areas.

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Dog lovers will find plenty of Disney amenities and special touches for their four-legged friends.

  • At check-in, Pluto’s Welcome Kit includes mat, bowls, a pet ID tag, courtesy plastic disposable bags, puppy pads and dog walking maps. Also included: a Pluto “Do Not Disturb” door hanger indicating to hotel staff that a pet is in the room.
  • Disney enjoys a partnership with Best Friends Pet Care, an on-property full-service facility that can provide assistance with pet daycare and other pet services (fees apply).
  • Pet merchandise is coming soon to participating resorts.

While dogs will be allowed to stay in guest rooms, they will be expected to be well behaved, leashed in public resort areas and properly vaccinated. For more information about the new dog-friendly trial program, including other restrictions and policies, guests may contact 407-W-DISNEY. DVC Members should contact Member Services at 800-800-9800.

  1. Now I know what hotels I will never stay at. Last thing I need is to be in a room next to a dog that is cooped up in a hotel room while his inconsiderate owners are at the parks from open to close.

    1. No wonder why you are called Ursula! Some people need their pets for medical reasons so if you have a problem with that than go elsewhere!!!

  2. Bad Bad Bad idea. People will not abide by the rules, dogs will make a mess. The folks will not want to leave their dogs in rooms all alone and the parks will be overrun with so called “Therapy Dogs”.

    1. or better yet, you will hear them dogs bark and howl while the owners are in the park. And, why would you bring a dog to WDW anyway?

  3. I think this is a horrible idea. I do not want to sleep in a room where dogs have been allowed–I have allergies (this is my top reason) but I have many other reason why I don’t like this.

    1. Shameless money grab…Walt rollin’ in his grave…I hate completely optional fees…etc. etc.

      1. He’s rolling in his grave because of what you are saying. People bring their pets for medical reasons and as long as they have a medical note no one should have a problem with that!

  4. Horrible idea. What about the people with dog allergies? Have you ever been in a hotel where they allow dogs? It’s disgusting and smells horribly. Plus, the dog hair is hard to remove once it’s in the carpet and air vents.

  5. Wow. So now there will be FOUR Flea Bag Motels on Disney Property and one of them is a Deluxe.

  6. Ridiculous…Disney World WAS one of the few resorts free of these narcissists. At least they identified which hotels we should avoid.

  7. What is wrong with the Disney kennel? Owners can visit their dog any time. The service and employees at Best Friends Pet Care are wonderful and true animal lovers. A pet will never have such love away from the family and still be close by. Unless they designate a wing at the resort that is exclusive as pet friendly rooms and have a separate entrance and exit, it is a bad idea.

    Disney mentions that the dog must be “well behaved” but honestly, what guest will say that Fido isn’t the best of the best? And what if a dog is a barker at 3AM? Before making such an announcement these items should be explained as to what consequences are in place if the doggie is not well behaved and other guest’s sleep is disturbed due to an owner. I mention owner because the dog is not responsible for its action. Much has to explained as the 15th is only 2 days away.

    1. I tell you what’s wrong with Disney Kennels: Disney cannot get more cash from people wanting to bring dogs into their premises. They need the cash.

      1. But not as much as I do. I mean honestly, why would I rage so much at Disney if I wasn’t just bitter that I can’t afford anything they offer? Maybe I should get a job, but every time I interview I have to tell them about my registers offender status. They don’t seem to like that. Oh well back to eating dog food outside of the 7-11

        1. Aw, little J. Your last attempt at impersonating me has me a bit concerned about you, little J.

          The fact that everybody is against your unhealthy defense of Disney’s money grabbing ways has made your projection a bit more evident, which makes me worry about your mental health more than usual.

          Is your mommy again neglecting you more than usual? Is the only reason I can come up with for you being so hostile & defensive towards the people here. Your defensiveness towards the comments of the people on this subject emphasizes your feelings of protectiveness & denial towards the only place you feel happy: the Disney parks.

          I’m so sorry that the current Disney parks management is so crummy and leaves you feeling you have to fight anyone who voices an opinion against them, little J.

          So much so, that I’m tempted to bring you with me the next time I travel to Disney which is very soon. I will talk to your mommy one of these nights to see if she allows you to come with me

  8. Horrible idea. I’m allergic to dogs. Simple vacuuming does not rid the carpets, rooms, or bedspreads of pet dander. I’d rather not suffer from anaphylaxis on my vacation.

    1. If you are supposedly allergic to animals than take some allergy medication. You know they do sell it over the counter now. But being allergic to animals or dogs is just a way of you complaining which I wouldn’t doubt you probably are a cronic one.

      1. If you supposedly need an emotional support pet to go to a place that’s supposedly relaxing like a theme park resort, it means you should stay home being emotionally supported by your pet there.

        1. Hope you don’t have a sibling die suddenly with your child in the vehicle her heart burst. So god help you may you never have to suffer such pain or loose someone so close too you a brother maybe a sister even a pet. Im not ebding my life because of a disability I have the right just like anyone else to enjoy what I have left. Have a wonderful night with your self absorbed being

  9. Not at all happy to hear this. Hopefully the trial period for this will be bad enough that they don’t continue with it.

  10. I love my dog yet she has no place at a Disney resort. I prefer to kennel her close to home or at the Disney kennel. Being on the go all day isn’t fair to my dog or fellow guests she may disturb in my absence. While I miss her terribly when I’m away from her, taking a vacation from poop scooping is kind of nice too.

  11. Why the short notice? I’m staying at AOA in December and couldn’t change to a petfree resort if I wanted to. I HATE the smell of dogs. Hopefully not many people in the next two months take advantage of the offer.

  12. Stop whining. Damn! If you don’t like it, don’t stay in those hotels. And I’m sure you’ll be able to request a room that hasn’t had dogs in it before. It’s only 3 hotels and Fort Wilderness. Calm down people.

    1. Thank you Mike! Lots of hotels allow dogs, and you never knew they were there. Those of us that travel with our fur babies part extra fees for these accommodations. And there is no way of knowing if the room you are staying in had a service dog in it. They are legal everywhere! Get a grip people. Stay at a different resort!!!

  13. Guess we will never stay a these resorts again! We love animals but this is not the place for them. Are the people bringing their dogs going to leave the room early in the morning and not come back til late at night?
    It’s bad enough that you have inconsiderate people making noise at all hours of the night, now you are going to add dogs to it!

  14. No way, Hosay. This is an issue. I’ll be complaining to Disney. I do not want to vacation with other people’s pets.

        1. You seem quite capable of telling people what to do instead of doing what you should do: respect others

    1. I’m sure they’re really gonna care what you think. And if you don’t like it, stay somewhere else!

    2. Than vacation somewhere else cause people like you don’t belong at Disney especially since a lot of the characters are based on animals so good luck! ????

  15. As a father , I’m imagining wheeling the suit cases to my room after a 16 hour drive , I’m beginning to sweat because I’m used to that northern climate , the kids are not helping because …. well there kids , and I see a patch of green grass that will save me both time and effort, surely the world won’t mind me cutting through on the grass , after all I did sell a kidney to get that moderate at riverside , and then with my first step ,well I plant my right flip-flop in a nice steamy pile of dog shit , this is goin to be a failure and I hope whomever the clown is that decided this gets canned.

  16. I am looking forward to Disney expanding this policy to include cats. I have a 145lb Puma that would absolutely love to spend some time whizzing all over the carpet at the Yacht Club. I am certain that all the other guests, especially those with small children…say between 10-30 pounds…will absolutely love him! Until they allow cats, I suppose my 110lb Rottweiler will get to enjoy his time there instead. Don’t worry, his bark is much worse than his bite…I promise.

  17. This is one decision that I have to disagree with Disney about. I am a dog owner. He is 61 lbs of jumping love and happiness. He doesn’t care what the time is, when he wants to play it’s play time. I dont think our neighbors would appreciate a soft crinckly stuffed animal hitting the wall followed by the sound of our dogs rear end hitting the door. Don’t even get me started on the owners who “forgot” to pick up the gifts. Well that’s my $0.20 worth. Hoping Disney will give theis some more thought and change this rule back. Disney you have opened too many negative gates that I have not even touched on!

    1. I agree. My 70lb german shepard is a jumper too. Also it would not be fair for her to be stick in the room while i enjoy the parks. I also second what you said about people not picking up after their dogs.

  18. They cant charge you of you have a medical note and reason. I recently went to Disney and stayed at one of through resorts bit when we checked out and went to Disney springs some sweeper gave us a hared time and called security saying my note for my emotional support animal which is a cat named Nala although the whole day even when we were shopping spending money in the shops none of the employees had an issue with us having her even children where coming up to pet her. But as we were leaving that’s where the problem began. And most of the time she was in her pet bag. Wow the happiest place on earth well I don’t believe that anymore its Universal all the way now they know what true customer service is. Disney has really let me down especially since we used to travel there as a family unit for over 30 years wow what a let down and a place with no compassion for someone with medical issues. No more naming my animals after Disney characters which has been something my family has been doing since the 80′ s. Disney has really lost their detail and quality too customer service ????

    1. Oh and all I got to say is Disney really stepped in it that day at Disney springs. Because when someone needs a pet fire medical reasons and an employee causes problems with that person with medical issues well all Im saying is they should be thanking god nothing medically happened from their employee causing confrontation although he did cause an anxiety attack and a brake down which should be cause for instant termination of that employee.

  19. I am a dog lover..but i disagree with this for many reasons. First the only dogs that should be allowed at there are service dogs. Secondly it’s not fair to the dogs to be cooped in the hotel room while the owners are the hotel. Thirdly i agree with the issues with allergies. I’d never bring my dog to WDW. Pet dogs do not belong there. Either board them at the kennel there,get a family member/friend or board them at a kennel near where you live. Plain and Simple.

  20. I do respect others more tgan you know but maybe its you who was raised not to respect people with disabilities, illness (not contagious), surgries, etc… So if you have a problem either stay off Disney property Hotels Im sure you would fit in perfectly. Or just don’t go too Disney at all. When it comes too needing a pet too help you live a less pain free, stressful, just too live a happier and longer life you should have no problem with that cause how would you feel if your loved one needed one. So get over yourself and obviously a hatred towards animals that have done nothing too you! Just god help you!

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