Disney World to Extend 60-Day Advance FastPass+ Booking to Guests at Select Non-Disney Hotels

Disney World to Extend 60-Day Advance FastPass+ Booking to Guests at Select Non-Disney Hotels
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While Walt Disney World Resort Hotel Guests (and those at the Swan and Dolphin) have been able to book FastPass + reservations for 60 days prior to their visit, it now seems that Disney will roll-out the same benefit to multiple Walt Disney World Good Neighbor Hotels, including those on Hotel Plaza Boulevard near Disney Springs.

Holiday Inn on Hotel Plaza Boulevard, a Disney Springs Resort Area Hotel
Holiday Inn on Hotel Plaza Boulevard, a Disney Springs Resort Area Hotel

While a complete list is not available as of yet, we know that these non-Disney hotels will be able to offer their guests the 60-day FastPass booking window sometime before the end of 2017. These bookings will still be done through the MyDisneyExperience app, the same way other resort guests make the advance FastPass+ reservations.

We expect every hotel in the Disney Springs Resort Area on Hotel Plaza Boulevard to be included, but there should also be additional Good Neighbor Hotels on the list when announced by Disney.

Walt Disney World Annual Passholders and all other guests with linked tickets receive a 30-day booking window currently.

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  • Great! More competition for popular FPs and no advantage to resort guests. What a ridiculous and stupid idea.

    • I actually like it since I use my Marriott points to stay off property. I can see how many, like me, who have hotel points they need to use to stay within their travel budget, would benefit. The old FP system was better – I think they do away with advance FP all together. It would reward those of us who get up early and get into the park at rope drop every day. It also penalizes people who decide to go to the park without months of advanced planning – the death of spontaneity.

      • There are folks who can’t (for a variety of reasons, including disabilities) or choose not to, get to parks at rope drop in order to get FastPasses. I see advantages and disadvantages to both systems. I am, however, frustrated that guests who stay in Non-Disney Resorxt will have the same advantage as those staying at Disney Resorts. What’s next? Disney Dining Plan for folks who are not Disney World Resort guests? Already struggle to get my preferred ADRs.

    • Hello ” M ” ,

      Let me say it like this . In September 2016 , My Family and I went to Walt Disney World for My 38th Birthday and My 5th Visit ever and we were day guests this time because we stood at a villa at Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa but there is one thing that I discovered after it was way too late for me to and we got back home from
      My 38th Birthday at Disney . Excuse me . The ” competition for popular FPs and no advantage to resort guests ”
      was actually always there in the first place because of the Walt Disney World My Disney Experience Website .
      Any day guest even staying at a Non Disney Resort Hotel can get on the Walt Disney World My Disney Experience Website and link their ticket and start booking Fastpasses so stop posting your selfish prejudicial fake news statements .

      • It isn’t fake news. Disney Resort guests can book FPs 60 days in advance, non Disney Resort guests can book 30 days in advance. Please do a little homework before being so rude. Have a magical day. :)

    • I agree, it still gives a slight advantage to those forking out the big bucks to stay onsite. And this is coming from someone who never stays onsite (we always rent a house for our large family)!

    • I agree with a graded system:
      60 days staying at a Disney resort
      45 days “on site” hotel AND AP holders
      30 days every body else

      I would also consider purchasing an “upgrade” to my DVC AP if it included unlimited FP AND Express Transport again, which saved tremendous amounts of time park hopping.

      • No kidding. Express Transpo was the best. I wonder why they discontinued it? If it was because it wasn’t used enough, that’s mostly on Disney — there was little to no advertising. I’d gladly have paid twice (maybe more) to keep using it.

    • i was able to make FPs this morning for my extended family staying at the Hilton Disney Springs – 3 weeks before our 30 day window!

    • Excellent idea! I’ve also hated that AP (not one) only get 30=to off-site (now worse than) guests? ! No

  • Not happy with this, first the “dogs staying in resorts” now the FP. what exactly is the incentive of paying a very high premium to stay onsite now Disney? it can cost a couple of thousand £ to stay onsite, and why would we pay that now. really bad move Disney, :( :( :(

    • People love their dogs. My daughter cried every night for her little shih tzu every trip to dsiney when she was little.

  • This seems like a step backwards, not forward. If anything they should be reducing the # of guests that can have advanced bookings.

  • Really, Disney? No perks for staying on property anymore. I am so disappointed. You should be finding ways to cater to people loyal enough to stay at one of your resorts not extend the benefits to everyone else. In my opinion, only people staying on property should have the benefit of fast pass. If not, Disney should consider allowing on-property guests unlimited fast passes even if a small fee is involved. It is becoming impossible to ride things with all the wait times, lack of fast passes, massive crowds. You are killing the magic!

    • Agree 100% will be going right to guest services if we are unable to book new attractions during our stay.we come down from massachusetts 3 times a year. There are plenty of otheraccomadations available in area.

      • Taking my first trip to Disney in December and staying on site, so I’m very disappointed to hear this news. Can guest services help if you’re unable to get the attractions you wanted?

    • We will absolutely keep staying onsite so long as the Free Dining promotion continues. During our May-June trip, though…it may be time to start staying someone else. Disney isn’t going to listen to anything but dollars, after all.

  • Might just as well as stay of site…save lots of money…many include breakfast and still get perks!!

  • Why should I stay on property? Why should I be a dvc member? Why should my family have annual passes? These are all questions I’m asking myself as we are receiving less and less benifits as hotel guests, ap holders, and dvc members. So disappointed, wdw is just another park, another business…been going their since 2002….the recent changes are very disappointing and have me rethinking where my family and I spend our vacation dollars and time.

    • right, cuz the whole experience of visiting Disney is now torture. There are no perks for me to stay there. I want to be able to book my fast passes before everyone else. my ap doesnt do anything but let me into the stupid parks, the Extra Magic hours are too late or early for me to actually attend, and the DVC rooms are going downhill. Rumour has it that they are taking a full bedroom off of all the rooms and the 2 bedrooms will only have one bedroom and the one-bedrooms will only be a studio.

    • I just contacted DVC Member Services and here’s the response I received when I asked if this rumor is true:

      “This booking process is not true and we are not offering this perk to any Day Guests. The information that is out there is from a non-Disney website.”

      The fact that this rumor comes from a non-Disney source is something to keep in mind.

  • Why am I seeing ads to stay on property to get this benefit if I no longer have to stay on property to get this benefit? I literally just saw an ad saying this last night…???

    • This is not an official announcement made by Disney, and as of right now, it is not in effect. Like most blogs, the rumor is being posted before an official announcement. It’s like the regular media, wanting to be the first with a story without waiting for all the facts

      • so is there a chance this might not happen, been going for the last 8 years staying onsite and all Disney seems to be doing now is not really giving their customers the exclusive things they pay for. we go in May and hoping it will not be in effect before we can book

      • Sort of like floating a balloon and seeing where it will land. Testing the market acceptance barometer

      • Well, it is happening. People staying at these certain off-site hotels confirmed they’ve already started booking FPs 60 days in advance on MDE. Just in time for Christmas, won’t that be fun? O.o

    • Agreed we are staying 8 nights in December into January. We come down 3 times a year, and will be exploring other resorts in the area.

    • Wait, there is a commerecial that says stay on property so you can get your fastpass+ before everyone else. Cool. Jess can you link to this commercial or is it just on TV this weekend?

    • Unfortunately Disney signaled their lack of regard for AP holders a long time ago. It’s one of the reasons we dropped ours.

    • I agree. There should be an annual pass level above Platinum Plus. I’d gladly pay extra for a 60 day window.

  • Well, the Hotel Plaza Blvd. hotels are located within WDW resort… so technically, not off site. As long as the expansion stays within the resort, then it probably won’t have much of an effect on FP.

  • I can’t get a fast pass now to certain rides imagine when it opens up to area hotel wow ????

  • Not happy with this at all I’m spending 2400$ for Adweek on property. Now your telling me non resort guests get the same perks .Why stay on property, there are nicer resorts at better prices
    My children are older now so staying off property is a real option.

    • I know we are paying £4.5k for 2 for our holiday to stay onsite and we do for the perks like FP free bus etc but if we keep losing our perks then will seriously have to re-think Disney, and they have put their prices up so much the last couple of years. The Disney magic for me is really disappearing fast

  • They best be planning to announce some new fast pass advantage for on site guests. Or as Winifred says in Hocus Pocus…There Will Be HECK, To Pay!

  • Great idea assuming that resort guests can book 90 days in advance. Otherwise why and I paying the extra money to stay on a Disney Property. That 60 day advantage is a Major consideration. Magic express in not enough of a reason.

  • My family and I have stayed on disney resorts for numerous years to gain the perks (magic hours, fp+). But like all big business they want more – this time at the cost of loyal customers. Shame on you Disney.

  • This would be a bad idea. One of the reasons I and most people book on-site is the ability to book fast passes 60 days out. Doing this would bring your resort sales down drastically.

  • We stay on property to be able to book at 60 days out, that is a perk of staying on property. If off property is going to get the same benefits I’ll save a few thousand dollars and stay off site. This would not be a smart move for Disney.

  • If you remember when Fast Passes first came out, they were only issued at kiosks in the parks. There were no hotel stay restrictions. Any guest visiting a park could get a Fast Pass window, even those with no hotel stays at all (such as locals). So, for Disney to extend 60-Day Fast Passes to non-Disney Hotels in the Disney Springs area (still on Disney property), is not a radical step back. I doubt it will make that much of an impact, considering everything.

    • I remember those days very clearly. Back then, my fiance and I went on trips twice a year for a week each. While we could easily afford to stay onsite, we chose to stay offsite at what is now Disney Springs because the perks were not worth the extra cost for us.

      Fast forward to four years ago, now we are a family of 5 and stay at the park for 4 weeks in a year. Given the size of our family, we now book 2 bedroom suites/villas, which is much cheaper to do offsite. The introduction of FP+ with the 60 day advanced booking has tipped the scales so staying onsite is now the new normal. The cost increase goes way beyond just the premium for accommodations because we are now doing everything onsite.

      If true, I look at this as good news. I can now sell my DVC interests and stop making cash bookings for when we deplete our points, which happens all the time. We can then buy Wyndham Bonnet Creek (hoping they are on the announced list) and rent a car.

      tl;dr This is a win for everyone who loves WDW but stays onsite mostly for 60 day FP+. Not sure if this is a win for Disney, but I assume they have smarter, more informed people making this decision.

  • Everyone should flood the phone lines and let them know that we are not happy that they keep raising prices and slashing benefits for their most loyal customers and supporters. I would argue that Disney service has gotten worse over the last decade and everything they seem to do now is a money grab, so I’m considering taking those thousands of dollars and traveling elsewhere.

  • There’s one of the reasons I bought into DVC gone. This really ticks me off, I could get fast passes that I wanted on the 60 day mark as it is.

  • Honestly, is it sad I’m laughing at all the whining people.

    As an annual passholder who lives in the Disney area, I’ve never had a good fastpass opportunity to begin with and getting the Seven Dwarfs/Frozen/Flight of Passage fastpasses so idk why the passholders are complaining since I doubt this’ll extend to the Mountains/Test Track/Soarin’/IllumiNations/Fantasmic which there are a lot of. And tbh the old system wasn’t that great either. It was easily abusable since people could use fastpasses long after their fastpass time, trust me, I abused it.

    For the whiny hotel people, now you can get the same perks for less money. Big whoop. If this gets confirmed, now you can save money by cancelling your DVC and hotel reservations and staying in one of the non-Disney resorts, so why are you so upset now? I know I’d take the cheaper option in a heartbeat.

    Honestly you people are so entitled. There’s a reason the people who work the theme parks get fed up with you. .-.

    • You don’t simply cancel a dvc membership. And it’s not entitlement it is called capitalism. If I pay more I get more so get over that. I put way more money into Disney than the local AP, which I get as well, being a DVC member. So yeah we have every right to be ticked if this happens

      • yes, and the thing you get the most “more” of is, just an example, a hotel room. Wow, imagine that if you pay more than the ap and get DVC, you get DVC. Funny how that works

      • I’ll concede on the DVC point, but it is entitlement sweetie. You’re whining because other people get nice things. You get loads of benefits for staying on property (Extra Magic Hours, the niceness of a DISNEY hotel, which for the record I would die to spend a night in and I live in Orlando, etc.) besides 60 day fastpass, so you still get more out of the bargain.

        Also I don’t get the more thing. You pay for DVC, you get DVC. Like sorry I live in Orlando. I pay for the housing to live near the park instead. Which actually, why did you buy an annual in the first place? You don’t even live here often enough to make use of the annual frequently?

      • That’s not capitalism, you are literally talking about entitlement. You pay more, so you feel you’re entitled to more. Capitalism is the goal of a private company to make as much money as possible, but that does not require them to give you jack squat unless it’s specified in a contract, no matter how much you pay. If getting front of line access to rides is such a priority, than just book a VIP tour. You get your precious rides without waiting in line, and you can feel all special about how much better you are than everyone else.

  • People, people, people … remember that Disneyland now CHARGES for FP’s. Opening the FP’s to off-property hotel guests is one more step in that direction.
    Roy E. Disney called Disney “rapacious” during the second “Save Disney” campaign.

    • Disneyland offers a charge fastpass service alongside the normal one. The charge one is just updating it to the system like Disney World has. Disney World already has the system and removed the original, thus will not likely get rid of their free fastpasses, especially since the travel heavy Disney World can’t afford to have a premium fastpass along the lines of Universal or SeaWorld. The complaints would be so bad they’d be forced to change it back because the ticket would always be sold out resulting in standby guests complaints or be so expensive nobody would buy it. Besides, if they did it it’d still likely be included in at least annual passes, just like photopass. They aren’t Universal, they aren’t that stupid.
      Giving offsite hotel guests an extended fastpass booking time has nothing to do with making people pay for fastpasses at any rate. It’s, if anything, decreasing the prices people are going to have to pay overall.

  • LOL @ all the people complaining that perks are being taken away from resort guests. Remember, only a few years ago, when the same fastpass system was for ALL people on a level playing field resort guest or not. It was like that from like 1998 (when FP started) up until like early 2014.

  • This is one step closer to having to pay for FPs. So what? There are plenty of schmucks out there (including some outraged commenters) who will pay for anything Disney decides to charge for; our outrage means nothing.

    Put your money where your mouth is and stop throwing your cash at Disney. It won’t change anything, this is after all a capitalist society, but maybe you’ll be happier? Put down the entitlement for a while, you deserve a rest.

  • This is a horrible idea. We are staying next week in a WDW onsite resort. Next year we will rent a house and not give the Disney corporation our thousands of dollars on resort hotel profits. These idiot thinktank newbies should be fired.

  • I think it’s sad that AP holders only get 30 days in advance for their FP , They are spending more money overall in the parks over all in the 1 year they have active passes.

    • Highly doubtful considering the cost of resorts over the course of a week, and dvc pays way more between dies and cost upfront

    • I agree with you, again the point is an AP holder will pay more over the case of a year its not about the cost of the pass! Its the fact they will travel more most likely spend more in the parks, at resorts, and at the disney store!


    • You do realize the hotels are probably paying Disney for this perk right? I’m pretty sure what they’ll be paying is just a teensy bit more than an AP spends in a year. Do the math please.

    • I hate to break this to you, but…well, Disney has always been a for profit company. It isn’t exactly like this is new information. Walt Disney was a very wealthy man when he died, and he was always a Capitalist. He never intended his parks to be free, nor to be any kind of social welfare system. I am not saying I agree, or disagree, with this current policy. I am merely pointing out that Disney has always been a company that has been “a money crazed company”. Also, think this through…what extra money does Disney actually make by extending this benefit to outside hotels?

  • Going to Disney World is too much work! It is supposed to be a magical vacation but before we even go we have to decide 180 days ahead of time when and where we want to eat, 60 or 30 days ahead decide and try and get FP’s to rides, and pay ungodly amounts of money. Why does it cost more money at peak times to eat at a character meal…isn’t it the same food, so why does that food cost more during certain times? My husband and I are treating our grown kids and our grandkids to a family vacation next spring break but instead of being excited I’m stressed and anxious. I hope my granddaughters first visit will be magical and all this work will have been worth it.

    • Corporate greed…things cost too much for me…I hate to plan or be responsible…Walt rollin’ in his grave…etc. etc.

  • Let me say it like this . In September 2016 , My Family and I went to Walt Disney World for My 38th Birthday and My 5th Visit ever and we were day guests this time because we stood at a villa at Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa but there is one thing that I discovered after it was way too late for me to and we got back home from
    My 38th Birthday at Disney . Excuse me . The ” competition for popular FPs and no advantage to resort guests ”
    was actually always there in the first place because of the Walt Disney World My Disney Experience Website .
    Any day guest even staying at a Non Disney Resort Hotel can get on the Walt Disney World My Disney Experience Website and link their ticket and start booking Fastpasses so stop posting selfish prejudicial fake news statements .
    I hate people who say that they love Disney and come to Disney to make Disney revolve only around them and not others . LEARN TO SHUT UP AND STOP BEING A BUNCH OF SELF APPOINTED TYRANTS !!
    The Wonderful World of Disney especially in the parks and resorts was never only about you in the beginning .

    • I’m confused by what your upset about here. Because actual Disney resort guest do and should get the advantage of booking prior to other guests. The thousands that are shelled out for a weeks stay on Disney and not competitors resort deserve perks over other guests. So yes all can get on the ap but the 60 day mark has been since the new system and should remain with the resort guests.

  • Horrible idea. Why stay on property when perks are disappearing. Save money and stay off property and I’ll use my DVC points elsewhere–love the cruises! And they are building more hotels on property besides.

  • I’m a bit late commenting, but I am so hoping that Shades of Green will be added to the list. It is on Disney property, but does not have the 60 day privilege. We don’t do enough for our military…past or present!

    • Any update on this with the release of the new Fast Pass hat. I sure hope they open up the 60 day option to all WDW hotel properties. If the hotel sells WDW Tix and offers transportation then the Fast Pass option should be included. Hopefully soon and in 2018!

  • Is the Hilton Bonnet Creek one of the hotels considered a good neighbor and can make fast passes 60 days in advance?

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