Introducing The Muppets Minute Podcast: Minutes 1-5

We are very excited this week to launch Muppets Minute, the newest podcast in the WDWNT lineup! Muppets Minute is a podcast that explores the Muppets feature films Mahna by Mahna… I mean minute by minute. There is a whole community of podcasts in the Movies by Minutes format, and I thought it would be a fun idea to celebrate the Muppet Movies in such a manor. The concept… we start with the 1979 film, The Muppet Movie, and do a short podcast on each and every individual minute of the film. We will release a new episode daily, Monday through Friday, and have a varitey of guest hosts through the year. You will discover more about these movies than you ever thought you want to. Our goal is cover each Muppets feature film in order, minute by minute over the next few years.

We also wish to invite you to join the Muppets Minute Mayhem Club. As a member, you will have exclusive access to special content including show notes, photos, concept art and more. Basically all our research. You will also have exclusive access to any bonus content we create. In between films, we will produce episodes discussing other Muppet related media such as shorts, TV shows, commercials and of course MuppetVision 3D. In addition to the added content, you will have the opportunity to win original Muppet artwork created by my co-host Annie, and the chance to be a part of the show. You will also be helping us get toward our goal of more content, video companion episodes, live shows, extra giveaways and more.

If you are a Muppets fan, or even just a Disney fan, we think you will enjoy this entertaining, informative, funny and at times excentric podcast. You will be amazed at how much discussion each minute of film can generate. Please check out the first 5 minutes of Muppets Minute, subscribe to the feed and share it with you friends!

The Muppet Movie Minute 1: We See Our First Muppet

We are taken to World Wide Studios for a screening of The Muppet Movie.

The Muppet Movie Minute 2: The Explosion

Seats are torn up. Popcorn and chickens fly through the air. Things explode. Typical Muppets.

The Muppet Movie Minute 3: Take It or Leave It

We find Lew Zealand tossing fish, Sam the Eagle questions the value of this movie and Kermit addresses a rowdy crowd.

The Muppet Movie Minute 4: These Are One Way Fish

The film finally starts and we learn way too much about a guy named Sir Lew Grade.

The Muppet Movie Minute 5: The Outlaw Biker Film

We learn about the duo behind the beloved movie soundtrack, the man who gave voice to the Muppets and the guy who directed them. But we also learn about the guy who edited Dumb and Dumber and the DP on a really, really, really strange genre mash-up film.

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4 years ago

This is such a well put together article!!

Disney Pete
Disney Pete
4 years ago

Nah, no need for that. Thanks for trying.