PHOTO REPORT: Disney's Hollywood Studios 10/25/17 (Sunset Seasons Greetings, Christmas Shopping, Toy Story Land, Star Wars, ETC.)

PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 10/25/17 (Sunset Seasons Greetings, Christmas Shopping, Toy Story Land, Star Wars, ETC.)

Our latest photo report brings u back to Disney’s Hollywood Studios as it prepares for a transitional Holiday season, offering up a new lineup that Disney hopes will fill the void left by the Osborne Lights over the last two years.

Christmas Shopping

Plenty of blown-glass ornaments for sale at Celebrity 5 & 10, including a new Monorail ornament.

They’re a little pricey at $19.99 each, but they are pretty cool.

Some new holiday apparel for sale.

A few new Beauty and the Beast ornaments have joined the existing collection this year, including this light up rose ornament.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse have both received their own action figures of sorts, exclusive to the Disney Parks. They retail for $14.99 each.

The new Mickey Mouse ear baseball cap is already out.

Sunset Seasons Greetings

As the park prepares for the new Sunset Seasons Greetings offering, a whole lot of new infrastructure is going into place on Sunset Boulevard. The old, white lights for the palm trees have been replaced with these beauties, capable of color changing for show elements.

Some extra hardware was also installed on the star lights, likely to be used to integrate them into the show.

The Fantasmic billboard is likely gone for good as a new billboard that can be projected onto will go in its place. Maybe it will return in some form down the road.

Behind the billboard hides the infrastructure for the projectors that will turn the Hollywood Tower Hotel into a number of holiday items during the shows.

The projectors sit on the stands you can see behind these windows.

People seem confused about a new Paradise Pier billboard that appeared recently at the Studios. I don’t see the confusion as both lands exist in roughly the same time period. Sadly, Paradise Pier will become PIXAR Pier, but this will be a nice nod to the past.

Dirt Street U.S.A.

Construction continues on Two Story Land, opening Summer 2018.

The remnants of the catwalk above the soundstage waits to be sealed in.

On the other side, we still have no idea what this weird, tall section of building is supposed to be.

A dirt wall now seals PIXAR Place, which eventually will be no more once Toy Story Land opens and the entrance to Toy Story Midway Mania moves there.

Just before this dirt wall will lie a cast access road, with PIXAR Place then becoming a backstage area.

The construction walls behind Muppet Vision 3-D expanded outward, now coming into the attraction’s exit.

Here we see the building for the “Battle Escape” attraction in Star War’s Galaxy’s Edge.

This and That

Sunset Showcase courtyard was open, being used for extended queue for Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster, as well as some character meet and greets.

The show building for Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster was recently repainted blue to blend into Toy Story Land better. It’s too bad it now doesn’t blend with anything on this side of the park. Why is every “soundstage” building a different color?

Work on Echo Lake continues, with the “logs” under the water now repainted.

With the Coco preview coming soon, the final room of Walt Disney Presents is pretty barren at the moment. The stickers on the walls were taken down and only on display case remains in use.




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