PHOTO REPORT: Disney's Hollywood Studios 10/28/17 (Rollaway Stage Show, Skyliner, Runaway Railway, Echo Lake, ETC.)

PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 10/28/17 (Rollaway Stage Show, Skyliner, Runaway Railway, Echo Lake, ETC.)

Our latest photo report brings us to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to see the latest happenings at the park.


Walking over to Hollywood Studios from the Boardwalk, we see 5 cranes dominating the skyline.

Parking lot enhancements and preparations for the Disney Skyliner continue outside of the park.

Guests walk through a maze of work fences to get to the park.

The Skyliner station for the park is under construction, with land near the bus loop currently being prepared.

And We Are Rolling…

Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away has returned with the new mobile, rollaway staging.

The stage actually looks a little nicer than the one they had used before, even though that one didn’t get removed nightly.

Following the last show of the day, the process of packing up the stages begins.

The stage features two “green rooms” where the characters can emerge from during the show, hiding until it is their turn on stage.

Below, we have video of the stages rolling away at 7PM. Disney has made a little show of it, which reminds me of the Backlot Studio Tour quite a bit. An announcer says it is time for a scene change, followed by Gus the crew chief making the order for the stages to roll…

It is nice to see this process turned into a small show that fits the (current? past?) theme of the park. We’ll see if this sticks around once Toy Story Land and Galaxy’s Edge open.

This and That

Work continues on Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. There is now this set of expanded construction walls near the old Great Movie Ride exit.

There are now more work walls up by Grand Avenue, now crossing the path towards Red Carpet Dreams.

The path from Star Tours to MuppetVision 3-D no longer exists, guests now having to walk down Grand Avenue to get there.

A planter and a wall will fill in this former path.

Work continues on Echo Lake.

Scaffolding has come down on Min and Bill’s, marking that the painting is finished.

Gertie looks shiny.

The Holiday 2017 Droid Factory figure has been released.

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