REVIEW: AbracadaBAR at Disney’s Boardwalk Adds Food, New Drinks to Fix Magic-Lacking Menu

REVIEW: AbracadaBAR at Disney's Boardwalk Adds Food, New Drinks to Fix Magic-Lacking Menu
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Abracadabar at Disney’s Boardwalk was a huge disappointment when it opened. After many months of hype that there would be another unique bar experience with a strong theme at Walt Disney World, we were all more than ready to burst through those doors and enjoy many nights of drinks, small bites, and fun. I was so excited that I waited outside for hours to be the first guest ever to enter the establishment. I ended up hating the menu so much that I never even felt compelled to write a review of my experience.

There was no food and the drink menu catered to a very narrow audience. Needless to say, some sort of change was needed. It took a long time to get here, but those menu changes has finally materialized.

Sadly, the really awesome “magic” menu books are gone, but there is an expanded menu, now with food options. Many of these are available next door at Flying Fish, but that doesn’t make this a bad thing. In this review, we’ll focus on items only at Abracadabar.

New to the cocktail menu is the Hoodunit’s Punch.

There are also some pretty interesting flights now.

Hoodunit’s Punch ($12.50)

Comprised of Captain Morgan, orange juice, pineapple juice, and coconut, the Hoodunit’s Punch is nothing special, but it will do the trick if you aren’t a fan of the old-timer cocktails that comprise the rest of the menu. I appreciate that they are trying different things, but maybe go for something using these flavors that is slightly unique?

Unique Flavors Flight ($22.00)

While it is on the pricey side, this is one of the more enjoyable bourbon flights on property, and presentation wise it was more than pleasant.

The Tap 357 Maple Rye is from Canada, so you may not easily find that elsewhere.

The High West Campfire is our favorite of the bunch.

And of course, the Woodford is fairly common, but overall a fun flight nonetheless.

Thrice Spiced Fries ($11.00)

Topped with Feta Cheese, a Sriracha Aioli, and a spice blend, these fries are one of the best bar food items I’ve had at Walt Disney World. I’ve mentioned in several reviews how much I enjoy both steak fries and spicy dishes, and this combines two of my loves. They aren’t so spicy as I think anyone would find it to be overwhelming, and the presence of the feta does a nice job balancing out the flavors. I will be back for these a few times.

Fish Bites and Fries ($14.00)

Pardon my French, but this dish was trash. While the straw fries are still great, even without the seasoning, the fried fish tasted like it was removed from a bag frozen and thrown into the oven. I would not recommend these under any circumstance.


The presence of some food makes a trip to Abracadabar more feasible, and the drink menu has some fine additions to boot. Abracadabar has a brilliant interior and is a great place to sit and relax, the menu just needed a kick in the rear honestly. I think some more creative, sweeter drinks to balance out the old-time cocktails would make this a can’t miss experience for everyone, and hopefully that will be addressed in the months ahead. Oh, and please remove the Fish Bites…








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  • Agreed. We stopped in there 2 years ago when it opened and we were not impressed. I think that the bar’s appearance is great, but it could definitely be more fun!

  • What are the wine pour sizes?
    Last time there, I actually thought it was a “sample.” I was told the normal pour there is 4 oz v the usual 6 oz at most other bars.
    Also, do they take Tables in Wonderland now?? Again, last time there, it was only open 2-3 months and I was told by the CM that Disney won’t consider it during the first 6 months of operation.
    IMHO, it is a really cool place, but overpriced for what they pour.

    Also, it should be packed w Flying Fish and the Italian restaurant bordering it. But alas, FF is probably still on their “new” menu, never having given into popular repeated requests for “some” of the old menu, and the Italian restaurant is lacking… Went there twice and was disappointed twice. But I keep an open mind and will go back and try all 3 if someone here can give me a reason. Thx.

  • We just got back from a weekend at WDW and two evenings at this bar and didn’t mind it at all. To be able to sit outside and enjoy drinks while watching the people go by or to share a drink while waiting for your reservation at Flying Fish was exactly what we thought this bar was and was exactly what we got out of it.

  • We went in August 2016 shortly after they opened and enjoyed the experience. It helped that my kids had just wrapped up two weeks of Magic Camp before our vacation. They had very cool magical menus and we liked the décor. My kids enjoyed the drink with the cotton candy trick. However, when we returned in June 2017, we were very disappointed. They’d basically stripped the place completely of magic (with the exception of the posters on the wall) and the drink selections were very boring (cotton candy drink was gone to my children’s disappointment). I see no reason to go out of my way to visit again.

  • I thought the reason for going to this restaurant (besides location) was the presentations. When I went there I didn’t see them make the drinks and there wasn’t anything special about them. Is there a show to this place?

  • I love the atmosphere, and can make do with any kind of drink menu as long as there’s alcohol involved. But I was also disappointed with the lack of appetizers on our visit there.
    Glad to see that problem remedied.

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