REVIEW: New “Italian Trio” at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom

REVIEW: New "Italian Trio" at Tony's Town Square Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom
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Every week on WDW News Tonight, we poke a fair amount of fun at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom. Is it warranted? Well, yeah. So why would I keep going back? Tradition. My family has been eating at Tony’s for as long as I can remember. You have to remember that many years ago, there wasn’t a whole lot of options at the Magic Kingdom for table service and Tony’s was actually one of the better ones, comparably at least. However, the Magic Kingdom dining renaissance of the last few years has left Tony’s low on the totem pole, but it remains a popular mainstay of the park with many tourists feeling comfortable with “Italian cuisine”.

Let’s start with something positive, the new menu design.

The new menu features the window designs with Lady and the Tramp from the exterior of the restaurant.

The alcohol menu is now inside the folding version of the menu.

New to the menu is the Italian Trio, essentially a “Taste of Tony’s” dish. More on that later…

The back of the menu is pretty adorable.

Italian Trio ($32)

Italian Trio ($32)

Including the Chicken Parmigiana, Baked Rigatoni, and Fettuccine Alfredo, this dish is perfect for the guest who isn’t sure what kind of stomach pain they want to have after the meal.

Honestly, I don’t think the Fettuccine Alfredo is that bad, and if it wasn’t for the tomato sauce, the chicken is a healthy and well-cooked piece. The big issue I have is the baked rigatoni, which is nearly inedible. Again, the red sauce was pretty awful, and it tasted as if it had been blasted with pounds of black pepper.

Tony’s doesn’t offer an authentic Italian meal and it never has, but I can at least appreciate when the American version of Italian cuisine could be enjoyable, and I think the fettuccine is one of those items. Personally, I like to order the Chicken Parmigiana with the Alfredo sauce instead of the red tomato sauce, because I think it allows you to enjoy what I think is a pretty solid piece of chicken that could benefit from not being sold at Tony’s.

My special order, the chicken with the Alfredo sauce, rather than Parmigiana

Overall, I’m not going to recommend dining at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom, because I can’t in good conscience do that. That being said, it’s not impossible to have an okay meal here, but why settle for OK in a park the offers Skipper Canteen, and I’d even say Be Our Guest and Liberty Tree Tavern while we’re at it.




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  • Kind of reminds me of the “Tour of Italy” at Olive Garden.. but the Olive Garden dish looks WAY more edible and presentable than Tony’s. Yikes! It’s almost like they put little to no effort into much of anything at Tony’s. Sad

  • We ate at Tony’s for the parade package back in January, and that was the second best steak I’ve ever had on Disney property (1st was at Le Cellier). I really enjoyed and we are going back in December!

  • What is funny to me is the comment of ” for the guest who isn’t sure what kind of stomach pain they want to have after the meal.” Now I also have a place in my heart for Tony’s but that statement is completely true. I had this choice during recent MNNSHP and the rest of the night…I felt bloated like a frog.

  • We dined here on Saturday, October 7th for dinner. Not our first visit but the first time since they started serving alcohol and honestly that was the best part of the meal. We split an appetizer of calamari and the new trio. We were very disappointed in both but I agree that the fettuccine and chicken were okay (just barely). The baked rigatoni, if you can call it that, was horrible. The rigatoni noodles were cooked to oblivion and there was no texture whatsoever, it was a bowl of mush. The calamari was tough and the sauce they served with it tasted like pure mayonnaise. We were really very very disappointed, especially for what we spent, and not sure we will return.

  • Ironically we love Tonya. Good atmosphere and great people watching if you’re seated outside. Was not impressed with Skippers, doubt I’d give it a second chance. BOG is great at lunch, dinner was ok. Had thanksgiving at Liberty tree which was very good

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