RUMOR: Flights of Wonder at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to End Later This Year

Flights of Wonder, a guest favorite show in Asia since Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened in April 1998, is rumored to close at year’s end in 2017.

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The show features an entertaining and informative bird trainer who welcomes guests to a mystical place. With “help” from Guano Joe or Jane—the amusing explorer who fears birds more than a bit—the trainer goes over the fascinating natural behaviors and often humorous talents of at least 20 species of exotic birds over the course of the show.

If current talk around the park is to be believed, the final shows for Flights of Wonder will be performed on December 31st, 2017. No reason for the closure of the show has been given, but there is already rumors of a new show filling in at the Caravan Stage starting in April, just in time for the park’s 20th anniversary.

12 thoughts on “RUMOR: Flights of Wonder at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to End Later This Year”

  1. No! One of our favorite shows. Please replace it with a live animal show. One of the disappointments at AK is the lack of North American animals. With the amount of foreign travelers visiting AK, they need to add our special animals!

    • I’m going to assume you never had the pleasure of experiencing the Pochahontas and her Forest Friends show.

  2. So sad to hear this! I was looking forward to introducing this show to our youngest at her first visit to AK in February.

  3. I hope they add Iago and Zazu and rebrand it as “Flights of Wonder (Under new Management)”. That would be a refreshing new concept.

  4. So sad!!! I love that show so much! My favorite birds (aside from my own) will always be Einstein and Groucho!!!

  5. Replaced with a new Frozen “meet the giant snowman” show, perhaps. (AK is the only park where, AFAIK, you can’t yet hear “Let it Go”.

    If this is true, I’ll really miss the show. I’ve done the dollar bill trick lots of times.

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