Disney Springs Introducing Hands-Free Shopping This Holiday Season

Starting this week, guests at Disney Springs can take advantage of a hands-free shopping experience.

disney springs introducing hands free shopping this holiday season

With any purchase a guest makes at a participating location, guests may request that the items be tagged to be retrieved later. The guest is then given a ticket so they can retrieve their purchases from the Disney Springs Welcome Center anytime before 11pm.

Disney Springs has not offered a package pickup system of this kind in recent memory, but the Walt Disney World Theme Parks do.

3 thoughts on “Disney Springs Introducing Hands-Free Shopping This Holiday Season”

  1. A bit surprised they aren’t offering to send packages back to resorts for guests who are staying on-site as they do at the parks.

    • It seems the stores in the Marketplace provide this service. I have had packages from Art of Disney, the Christmas Shop, World of Disney, The Co-op and the Lego Store sent back to my resort. I would imagine if you had all the stores at the Springs shipping back to the resort’s it would be quite a bit overwhelming. This new service will be quite helpful, especially during the holidays.

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