Disney’s Magical Express Now Picking Up Guests 4 Hours Before Their Flight

Due to the increase in TSA security screening times at Orlando International Airport, Disney’s Magical Express will now pick up guests from their Walt Disney World resort hotel four hours prior to their scheduled flight time. This policy will go into effect on November 17, 2017.

disneys magical express now picking up guests 4 hours before their flight

Disney has stated that the policy will be re-evaluated in early 2018 after the busy holiday season is over.

Previously, Disney’s Magical Express would pick up guess from their hotel 3 hours in advance for domestic flights and 4 hours in advance of international.

24 thoughts on “Disney’s Magical Express Now Picking Up Guests 4 Hours Before Their Flight”

  1. Pretty soon Magical Express transportation will resemble prisoners being transferred between prisons. Everyone will be wearing mickey head shackles.

  2. Orlando International has the worst TSA and the worst TSA lines In the country. The TSA management team in Orlando or whoever set up the TSA lines needs to be fired and replaced.

    • I guess you have never been to Logan airport in Boston. Cut them some slack the Orlando TSA guy just grabbed a smoking bag last week to protect people like you. Its not their fault the airport is getting triple the number of people it was built to handle

    • TOTALLY agree. Our last trip in October I was stunned how insane the TSA lines in MCO were. They aren’t that insane in large cities like NYC or LA. It took us over an hour, and our party got separated due to the lines being constantly rerouted and being barked at and herded by the TSA agents

  3. Orlando Airport is one of the worst for handling large groups of people sporadically flooding the system throughout a given day. Wish Disney had a precheck!

  4. Ugg, I hate that wait at the airport already. Bad enough to going back to reality but now ANOTHER hour at the airport!

  5. Some airlines say that you can not check bags until 2 hours prior to your departure. So you will be sitting and waiting and still have to make it through security.

  6. Great, another hour of seeing people in dumb Mickey hats and matching t shirts. Good thing our x ray scanners pick up everything. We know where you’re hiding those limited edition pins

  7. I am At Disney world right now and leaving Saturday November 18 for home and no notice yet about the changes

  8. 4 hours is extremely excessive. I completely understand that the TSA security lines at Orlando airport are insanely horrible, but to be there that early for a flight is nonsense, especially if you are flying out first thing in the morning.

    • Yes. And for a 6:30 am flight I had back in October, a bunch of us were there just sitting around since NOTHING at the airport is open (not even TSA) when we got there before 3 am. Just construction workers. The Magical Express ride was pretty fast that morning since there was probably no other traffic (I didn’t look, hard to see out the windows when it’s dark and we’re all trying to sleep).

      • We were picked up 3 hours before our flight in September. I was really looking forward to getting there early enough to sit down at a bar to watch sunday football & enjoy a meal & beers. After a couple stops at other hotels, a bit of traffic, & a very slow TSA line, all we had time to do was grab a Jersey Mike’s sandwich to take on the plane. It was really cutting it close.
        I’m glad Disney is adding extra time to the process. Won’t bother me at all. I generally stay 8-12 nights on my vacations, one less hour inside the gates won’t hurt me. Especially when I can enjoy myself at the airport.

        • I wouldn’t have a problem with the extra time if I actually could enjoy myself at the airport. However, for a 6:30 am flight you get there 3 or more hours prior and there is nothing to do. Nothing open. No breakfast, no stores, not even TSA. I saw people napping in chairs, just waiting for TSA to even open and let us early flyers through. For a later flight I wouldn’t mind being there early, since I like the shops if I can get into them.

  9. FOUR hours? ARE YOU KIDDING?! That means at worst… 1 hour from your resort to the airport (with awful traffic), 1 hour through checkin (lol, you don’t need to do that anymore…do it at your hotel if you’re doing Magical Express), 1 hour for security and you still have 30 minutes before you start to board. More realistic is you spend ~30 min in transit, 30-45 on security so you spend 2 hours sitting at your gate which still has a pile of people from the previous flight there. Stupid. I’d rather just spend $20-30 on uber to not deal with that.

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