PHOTOS: Giant Star Wars AT-AT Popcorn Bucket Arrives at Disney Parks

We have seen some amazing popcorn buckets being sold at Disney Parks recently, but this one has the power to destroy a rebel base on Hoth…


Available at the Tomorrowland popcorn cart in Disneyland Park, guests can now take home a classic AT-AT filled with popcorn.


The price is a little steep at $25.00, but it is pretty cool and looks to be quite large. Luckily, Disneyland is limiting just one per guest to make sure that everyone gets one.


This “bucket” should also be arriving at Walt Disney World soon, likely being sold at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Oh, and don’t expect there to be a lot of popcorn in it…

Our thanks to @Tarihc78 on twitter for the photos!

7 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Giant Star Wars AT-AT Popcorn Bucket Arrives at Disney Parks”

  1. they usually give you the popcorn on the side, so same amount of popcorn in a cardboard box.
    Some of these newer sculpted popcorn buckets lok pretty cool

  2. I’m going in June to Disney World is this just limited through the Christmas season or will this be all year long in other words will I be able to buy one when I’m there in June

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