REVIEW: Sushi Lands in The Cool Ship at the Magic Kingdom

The Cool Ship in Tomorrowland recently started selling sushi. Let me say that again in case you think that was a typo… The Cool Ship (a large red rocket ship stand) in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom (the park that has had challenges serving guests mildly exotic food at Skipper Canteen) is selling sushi (the Japanese preparation and serving of specially prepared vinegared rice combined with varied ingredients such as chiefly seafood, vegetables, and occasionally tropical fruits).

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The Cool Ship is steps away from the Tomorrowland Speedway, because if you’re going to eat sushi at the Magic Kingdom, it is best to do so while inhaling gas fumes. There’s a reason Tomorrowland Speedway cast members get hazard pay.

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The Pizza Frusta is already gone (shocking) and this fancy glass case now houses the sushi offerings and gives guests a preview to assure them it will at least look edible.

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California Sushi Roll $4.99

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The California Roll is probably going to be the most popular offering here, so let’s start with that. Ummm, it was good. Surprisingly good. This isn’t going to change your life, but the fact that this is something I wouldn’t turn down if offered again is pretty amazing. It has been pointed out that these offerings are just sent over from the Mitsukoshi locations at Epcot, so they are of the same quality and taste. I enjoyed the optional eel sauce on the side, but it may not be for everyone based on how salty it can be. All dishes come with four pieces, wasabi, ginger, and there’s the eel sauce with this one if you would like.

Spicy Sushi Roll $4.99

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The spicy roll consists of a spicy sauce and Yellow Fin Tuna and was my personal favorite. It has a nice kick to it and tasted fresh, probably the thing you would least expect from theme park sushi sold at the Magic Kingdom. I’d love to write a hilarious review where this was bad, but I can not tell a lie: this wasn’t unenjoyable. There was supposed to be a sauce with this, but they couldn’t find it…

Edamame Salad $3.49

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The edamame salad is just OK, but could be refreshing and is a nice healthy Disney Dining Plan snack option. That being said, the sushi rolls are also one snack credit, so you might as well just get one of those. Also, this edamame salad could probably use a little more edamame SINCE IT IS IN THE NAME.




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