REVIEW: Winterberry Cooler & Sugar-Frosted Fruit Bites, Flurry of Fun at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The pretzel cart near The Great Movie Ride… I mean, the soon to be Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is currently serving two holiday offerings for the Flurry of Fun: a Winterberry Cooler and Sugar-Frosted Fruit Bites.

Look at the false advertising in this ad: the bag is overflowing with fruit bites. Just wait until you see what we got…

Yes, our bag is not overflowing…

Winterberry Cooler ($11.25)

If you’re looking to poison someone you don’t care for this holiday season, might I recommend the Winterberry Cooler? Winterberry is poisonous…

Warning: Although this shrub species is a good provider of wildlife food, its fruits are poisonous to humans. The attractive bright red fruit of winterberry is eaten by small mammals and more than 48 species of birds.

Besides the death part, the Cooler features a fruity, somewhat carbonated, artificially sweetened beverage flavor that is quite unpleasant. You wouldn’t even know there is alcohol in it, which is sad for the price tag it brings along with it. It was so tart and bitter, that it actually burns to drink it.

Sugar-Frosted Fruit Bites ($5.25)

First of all, you get just 4 of these tiny bites for $5.25, which seems a bit ridiculous. They are basically cookies with dried fruit in them, which isn’t terrible, but this serving size is a joke for the price.

Again, they aren’t terrible, but for this price, you could get something far more enjoyable from Trolley Car Cafe or Sweet Spells while you are at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.



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