Disney Is Preparing For “Solo” To Bomb At The Box Office

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After the mixed reception by Star Wars fans concerning “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, it seems Disney is preparing itself for the worst when “Solo: A Star Wars Story” comes out this May.

According to Screen Geek:

A source close to the film’s production has informed us:

Disney is bracing themselves for the Han Solo movie to bomb. They were worried about it before all The Last Jedi controversy, but now they’re essentially writing Solo off. The lead actor, Alden Ehrenreich, can’t act, and they had a dialogue coach on hand for all of his scenes. On top of that, the script is unworkable. It’s going to be a car crash.

I hate to say it but Disney is behaving like Warner Brothers when they tried to mirror the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Warner Brothers should have taken their time with releasing individual superhero movies accumulating to the formation of Justice League, but Warner Brothers wanted Avengers like box office money right away, and now they are stuck with a mess on their hands.

Disney knows it is sitting on a gold mine with Star Wars and feels it’s necessary to have a Star Wars movie released annually in order to apply that box office revenue to their year end earnings. But if you dont have a good story, just dont bother making the movie. The consumers of today have a lot more access to reviews from both critics and audiences that have seen a particular movie that they are interested in, and if those scores are low, they are going to save their hard earned money for another movie.

Disney’s goal should always be quality over quantity.

Here is hoping for the best, but like Disney, prepare for the worst when Solo is released on May 25, 2018.

Source: Screen Geek

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