“Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” To Be Removed Before “Coco” This Week

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The animated short “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” will no longer be playing before “Coco” during it’s theatrical run come December 8th. This originally came form a reddit user who goes by the name of natedoggcata and is an employee at a movie theater.

The following notice was received by the movie theater from Disney:

“Please note that the run of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure playing before COCO will end after 12/7. Starting on Friday 12/8 no more Olaf shorts should be up on screen.With the extra 22 minutes of running time back, we would appreciate if you could get in an extra show if possible.


It does make sense that by eliminating the 22 minute short it would leave theaters open to have more showings of the movie. But the reddit poster goes on to say that that there have been many complaints about the short from people seeing “Coco” due to the fact that it the short is too long for most movie goers and they are mostly there to see “Coco”. Most shorts played before Pixar movies usually run between 7 and 10 minutes, so it is a bit unusual to have a 22 minute short run before the main feature.

But according to Entertainment Weekly, they received word from a Disney representative, the notice that the theater received from Disney was meant to be more of a reminder since “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” was always meant to be shown in theaters for a limited time. That could be true, but it doesn’t make sense to remove an animated short that focuses on celebrating Christmas and other holidays just as the Holiday Season begins.

Sounds like Frozen fever may be dying down a bit because there was a time when a Frozen short was used as incentive to see a Disney theatrical movie. Back in 2015, Frozen Fever debuted in front of the live action Cinderella.

Source: Reddit, EW


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  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i like frozen. Hopefully it can air on the Disney ch or free form /ABC. Now to go bye that Disney Frozen Kitten Plush for one of my dogs.

  • Frozen maybe chilling down but not on my robotic watch. Quick add a frozen holiday overland to Frozen Ever After.

  • People are so whiny! They have the attention span of a gnat! I’m sure the short is great and am going to try to catch it before it’s yanked!

    • I’m sure many people, myself and my children included, do not appreciate being classified as “whiny” and having “the attention span of a gnat” because they did not go to the theater to watch a 22 minute Olaf movie. Comments such as these really show a person’s true character and lack of tolerance for anyone else’s opinions that are different than theirs. So please try to keep in mind that comments such as these are seen by the masses as typical behavior of a person with an obvious and underlying need to inflate their own sense of self-worth by making judgmental and transparently rude comments about others and are, in fact, completely inconsequential to anyone else, other than themselves for one brief moment, in the grand scheme of things, and especially on a Disney-related blog, that typically brings much joy and happiness to Disney fans.
      And yes, you absolutely should go see the movie Coco and the “short”- Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. Enjoy!

  • • It’s going to be on ABC as a holiday special, just like it’d always planned to be.
    • I know theater owners; it had always been meant to be a limited engagement in theaters ending this week.

  • We saw Coco last Saturday (LOVED it, btw) and several people in the theater, including my family, were wondering if we were in the wrong theater after about 7 minutes of the Olaf “short” (which is not actually a “short” at 22 minutes). If we had known it were actually an Olaf mini-movie before we went to the showing, then it would have made sense, but after seeing so many Disney movies in the theater over the years, and getting used to actual “shorts” that last less than 10 minutes, this one seemed very, very unnecessarily long! I concede it was cute, but seemed out of place since we didn’t go to see a ‘Frozen’ movie.

  • People have nothing better than to complain if you guys watched the commercials when they where advertising Coco they said that there was going to be a frozen short before it. It was very cute and I loved it and if your kids can’t sit through a short and then watch Coco then they’re too young to go to the movies or need learn to have more patience so do us all favor and wait until it’s out in DVD and stop complaining!!!

    • the short is 20 MINTUES! that’s long enough to be a TV special. it should be shown on TV not be a movie like Coco. Kim, you honestly don’t know anything about children, so shut your trap!

  • Will this apply to Coco’s release next year in the UK? Because this Frozen short should have been advertised as a TV special instead. Everyone is pretty fend up with Frozen now.

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