PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 12/12/17 (Star Tours, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Toy Story Land, Muppet Subtractions, ETC.)

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Our latest photo report brings us back to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to see the latest progress on this park in transition.

Welcome to Construction

The new sections of parking lot were completed some time ago, removing greenery and palm trees in favor of more parking spaces that will be needed sorely come 2019.

This expansion of the lot took place on both sides.

Work continues on the Disney Skyliner station for Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which you can see the concept art for here.

Welcome to Hollywood

More stuff was thrown onto the left projection tower in the Center Stage area as Disney tries to make this thing look like it belongs there.

It’s certainly better than it was, but these things still look completely out of place.

For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration now features Olaf and music from the Olaf’s Frozen Adventure short. They might want to change the sign that says it is playing in theaters with Coco.

Guests can now sit and eat in the former AOTAS Hall of Fame area, while Disney hopes the vines around the former sign grow in at some point…

Nothing but Star Wars…

Signage at Star Tours was changed to reflect the recent additions to the ride.

Nearby, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is taking shape. For a better look at this, be sure to check out our latest Disney’s Hollywood Studios Expansion Update video:

Some palm trees were planted off to the side of the tunnel.

This and That

The “Muppet Babies” section of Stage 1 Company Store has been closed for a while now, and sadly looks like it will not return. Why must Grand Avenue take everything Muppets away from us?

Not only is it sealed off from inside, but there is a fairly permanent looking Cast Member access door now visible.

A brick wall now separates Muppets Courtyard, I mean Grand Park from Star Tours. This will make for the most terrible crowd flow when Galaxy’s Edge opens.

A new backstage gate has been constructed near the exit of MuppetVision 3-D. This was once a path through the Backlot, but now it will be a dead end.

Work continues on Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

Toy Story Land

Work continues on the entrance to Toy Story Land, set to open next Summer.

The corner of the Toy Story Mania building (where the catwalk was ripped off) is now being patched up.


Both of the billboards behind the Chinese Theater are for The Last Jedi. I guess this movie needs to be advertised heavily…

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge looms in the distance from PIXAR Place.

The highest point in the land was topped off with a flag and a tree.

To help guests visiting Toy Story Mania, Disney added these rope signs. This is somewhat helpful as the average guest never seems to know where to go.

iPhone X cases are now available from D-Tech on Demand at the Star Wars Launch Bay Cargo Bay store.

The store was also shaken up quite a bit, removing the onstage counter where the D-Tech devices were made. Now they are just made offstage and brought to the checkout counters when they are done.

Guests can now partake in the Droid Factory here as well.

More 2018 pins have hit shelves at the parks.

Despite debuting over a month ago, they are still not finished building the projection booth for Sunset Seasons Greetings



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Mike H
Mike H

I agree Tom.. wish they wouldn’t take all the Muppets out of that area.

Andrew S.
Andrew S.

I can’t help but twitch whenever I see pictures of the Chinese Theatre. Disney made a big mistake in August…


Agree. Wonder what the Imagineers could have done to update the GMR? Presuming they never got the chance.

Rylan S.
Rylan S.

I thought that useless dead end was going to be a SVTFOE meet and greet, where the former P&F meet was…… Wish B&TBLOS and IJESS would all end their runs by now


I believe the closure of the Nursery portion of the Muppets Gift shop is merely due to the space being used for Galactic Nights.