PHOTOS: New “Room Occupied” Signs Debut at Disney World Hotels, Denoting Cast May Enter Once a Day

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As we reported yesterday, “Do Not Disturb” signs at Walt Disney World Resort Hotels are being replaced with new “Room Occupied” signs amid security concerns.

The new signs guests can place on their room door reflects the new policy in place. They are currently only in use at the Monorail connected resorts, but are set to roll out to all Walt Disney World Resort Hotels in the coming weeks.

Photos courtesy of @fireworks_fairy on twitter.

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  • I could care less if they come into the rooma, I just may not want housekeeping knocking on my door at certain times of the day……now there is no way of keeping this from happening.

  • WDWNT needs to snag a box for next years TOY drive. 1 for each 10$ donation. That’s a lot cheaper than renting a deluxe room

  • While I completely understand the importance of Disney checking the rooms, I can see two very big negatives to this plan. 1. They will open the door in the morning and wake people that would like to sleep in.

    2. They might walk in on couples getting thier magic on before they head to the park. Will those couples need to come up with a signal for mousekeeping? I doubt that a sock on the door is the best solution. Might they use a code phrase like “Riding the magic carpet” ?

    • Disney doesn’t want you sleeping in, or getting your magic on…they want you out in the parks, spending money!!

    • It’s really not that difficult a situation. It clearly states that they will knock and announce themselves before entering. When they do, simply tell them to wait or that they need to come back at another time. Engage the chain lock or deadbolt that is on the door and if they attempt to open the door anyway, they won’t get far. I don’t understand why people seem to think that this is such a big deal. A Do Not Disturb sign is a request, not a command. Staff has always been permitted to enter a room whenever they please regardless of if there are signs up. This is just a way to spoon feed the concept to people who don’t understand that.

  • We have an AP to activate but maybe this is the last. I just see this as an intrusion. The parks are crazy busy, the transportation is crazy busy, etc. I like Disney and the excitement but when I go back to the room, I’m free of all that. I don’t want to have to answer the door and be bugged by someone… I just want downtime and peace and quiet. I don’t want other people in our room. I don’t even let housekeeping in. We’re not messy, I keep the place neat. I certainly don’t need it cleaned every day, nor even the short time we’re there. Heck, no one cleans my house every single day. It’s a bit much. I hope there’s so much backlash and awkward moments, that they rescind this stupid plan.

    • Not really sure what’s stupid about a policy that is designed to try and avoid what happened at the music festival in Vegas from happening at Disney Resorts…

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