Walt Disney World Passholders Lose 20% Dining Discount, Gain Expanded 10% Discount

Walt Disney World Annual Passholders now receive a 10% discount at almost all Disney-owned dining establishments. The discount was previously 20% from October 1st, 2016 through December 23rd, 2017 at only select locations.

Disney World Passholder Dining Discounts Extended Past 10/1

While expanded to more restaurants, the deal still does not include Victoria and Albert’s. The new discount is set through December 31st, 2018 and is valid for the Passholder and up to three guests.

Passholders can still get a 20% discount at all of these restaurants by purchasing a Tables in Wonderland card.

18 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Passholders Lose 20% Dining Discount, Gain Expanded 10% Discount”

  1. I don’t see the savings in Tables in Wonderland. It adds an automatic 18% gratuity on your bill so you’re only getting 2% off the bill. You would need to run up a 7,500$ tab each year to get your 150$ membership back. Some servers are better than others so it’s better for you to tip based on your experience.

    • That is not good logic. Do you not tip anyway? I generally tip 20%, so they lose on the 18% gratuity. If you do not tip you are correct then it is not a good deal, and I am certain every server just loves you and your cheap self.

      • So you tip 20% and are a member of the Tables in Wonderland and you’re saying I’m not logical? Iger must love sheep like you. You can tip a 100% if you want. What’s the value in being a Tables Member?

        • No you are missing Doug’s point. Do you ever tip a server? If you’re a cheapskate that never tips servers in any restaurant then sure there is no savings.

          Maybe this will help.
          $100+20% tip =$120 bill. $100-20% TiW+18% tip=$85(ish) bill. So it saved about $35 in that scenario.

          So if you spend $750 in WDW restaurants a year you’d break even. Also, unlike most discounts it is good for alcoholic beverages and it even includes free valet.

          • If we get good service, we tip based on the full bill, usually a bit more to round things up. In your example, the tables tip would be $15. We would leave at least $5 or more in cash, usually more.

            Many of my college students are servers. Too many people are never pleased today and/or leave chump change for tips. They get below minimum wage, depending on tips.

            WDW visitors can pay $6 for a lousy overpriced pretzel, but can’t be bothered to leave a proper tip. Sigh.

            WedWay needs to change his name to LostMyWay.

          • The gratuity is added to the bill prior to discount in TiW. Your 100$ tab gets a 20% discount so you’re at 80$. Plus your 18% tip (on pre discount total) brings the bill to 98$. Not great savings considering cost of membership. Cast Members work hard and deserve their tips. This isn’t about tipping, it’s about value of membership. I always tip, so I don’t need a 150$ card to remind me. See what I’m saying? I’m glad you guys like TiW

          • What you’re seeing in that scenario is a saving of $17-$20, which is a lot more significant than the implied $2 savings. One can cover the cost of the card pretty quickly.

    • The content of this post has been addressed below already, but dear God man, what’s the deal with the dollar signs AFTER the numbers?!!

  2. That is just wrong, I am paying over $700 × 6 and they are too gready to give me a lousy 20% for their over priced food? I am reconsidering renewing for 2018!!

    • So they gave it to you as a perk for one year (actually over a year because they extended it) and now that it’s expiring you are mad? So if your boss said he was going to give you extra money on your paycheck for one year as a thanks you would be mad at them after the year is up and your paycheck goes back to normal?

  3. Does this discount apply to alcohol/wine/beer as well or just food? My understanding is the Tables offers this. Also offers valet parking free, but Valet parking at Disney is hit or miss, usually a miss. Some days 40 minutes plus to pick up a car. Worth pointing out that prices up at Disney for food, but not NEARLY as much as they’ve cut QUALITY down. I’d pay more for better quality hands down at Disney. They’re getting really cheap.

    • It’s just table service. If you’re already AP than you’ll get 10% off at the the same table service restaurants and the counter service.

  4. I’ve had TIW for the past few years. If you are going to eat at the participating restaurants anyway, it will pay for itself after 4-5 nights out. We used to get the Disney dining plan but found that this for us made more sense especially now that our kids are over 13 and fall into the adult pricing category. This year they increased the 20% to 30% at some of the restaurants. I think they participate with the dining at the value resorts as well. Check out the website. Definitely worth it.

  5. Disney has taken away the AP discount at quick service counters, I guess the term is.
    We were just there over Christmas.
    Used to receive discount on food at places like Beach Club Marketplace and Boardwalk Bakery. Not anymore.
    Discount applies to non-food merchandise at BC Marketplace, but not food.
    I was told this is permanent, and wasn’t just a Holiday pullback.

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