CONFIRMED: Club-Level Guests Can Buy More FastPasses, 90-Day Booking Window, & Preferred Nighttime Show Viewing with New Theme Park Extra Offering

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Starting Friday, January 12, 2018, Guests staying in eligible rooms at select Walt Disney World Resort hotels will be able to purchase a new “Theme Park Extra” that includes additional FastPass+ benefits and preferred viewing opportunities for nighttime spectaculars.

For $50 plus tax per Guest per day, Guests staying in eligible rooms who have purchased a 3-day or longer theme park ticket or an annual pass are able to purchase a Theme Park Extra to receive the following:

  • 3 additional FastPass+ selections per day. FastPass+ attractions and arrival windows are limited. 3-day minimum purchase required.
  • Ability to reserve these 3 additional FastPass+ selections in more than 1 theme park when a valid Park Hopper option is purchased with the ticket.
  • A booking window of up to 90 days in advance for these 3 additional FastPass+ selections and the ability to book them at multiple top-tier attractions. Guests may not repeat the same FastPass+ attraction in the same day.
  • 1 preferred viewing location for nighttime spectaculars per day. Availability of each nighttime spectacular preferred viewing location is limited.

The Theme Park Extra is available for purchase for Guests staying in the following room types:

  • Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge – Cabins
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge – Club Level
  • Disney’s Beach Club Resort – Club Level
  • Disney’s BoardWalk Inn – Club Level
  • Disney’s Contemporary Resort – Club Level
  • Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa – Club Level
  • Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort – Club Level
  • Disney’s Polynesian Village Villas & Bungalows – Bungalows
  • Disney’s Wilderness Lodge – Club Level
  • Disney’s Yacht Club Resort – Club Level
  • Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotels – Presidential Suites, Governor Suites, Parlor Suites, Premium Alcove Rooms

All theme park Guests with valid theme park admission continue to receive up to 3 FastPass+ selections at a single park per day at no extra charge, as well as additional day-of in-park selections that may be reserved and redeemed one-at-a-time after those initial 3 selections are redeemed. This pilot program will not affect FastPass+ availability for Resort Guests booking at their normal 60-day window.

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  • Tom- Can you clarify one point? Copper creek…is this amenity available only to the cabins or both the Villas and the Cabins? I know it states Villas and Cabins, but just want to clarify for sure.

  • Wow! This includes more benefits than previously rumored, and I am happy that it will not impact the availability of FastPasses for regular guests. I would pay the extra money for this, but I can’t afford the club level. Oh well, maybe one day.

    • Hmm….”and I am happy that it will not impact the availability of FastPasses for regular guests” — what planet are you on. If more Fastpasses are gone before “regular guests” can book them, then it definitely impacts their ability to have an enjoyable time at WDW. Non Disney resort guests that can only book 30 days out are locked out of the top tier attractions (Banshees, Seven dwarfs mine train, test track frozen, etc) now…it will only be worse with this program.

      • I totally agree. I don’t know what Disney is thinking but this is NOT a good idea. This “all about the money” mentality has got to stop. They will get the money with attendance so they have nothing to worry about. It’s bad enough they’re allowing guests who’re staying off property to reserve fast passes now they’re doing this. Come on this is just not right.

        • How is it different than just about anything else on planet earth? If you want more and are willing/able to pay for it, generally speaking, it’s available. And if a company wants you to pay a premium, they understand they need to serve up a premium experience to justify the expense.

          Planes: First class, Business class, Economy, Basic Economy
          Hotels: Studio, Suite, Multi-room Suite, Concierge Level Suite
          Dining: Fast food, Fast casual, Mid-range sit down, High end sit down

          You can even break it down to every day items…
          Groceries: Whole Foods, Publix, Walmart, Aldi
          Housing: 1BR Apartment, 3BR Townhouse, 5BR Single Family Home
          Vehicles: Kia, Honda, Lexus, Ferrari

          Honestly, we’re lucky Disney hasn’t made significant ticket adjustments based on demand, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was on the immediate horizon.

          You can’t expect everyone to get a Morton’s steak, when many are paying for a McD’s cheeseburger. Money talks.

  • Haven’t been to Disney since 1998. Going with family this September, six adults and we are staying in a Club level suite at Animal Kingdom Lodge for six nights. Opinions from experiences Disney-goers on if this option is worth it? In mid-September do you really need six pre-planned Fast Passes? It just seems like a lot of structure to a day instead of enjoying the pace of walking through the parks at our leisure. We are trying to make this our dream vacation in memory of my mom who passed away recently from cancer; she was supposed to make it on the trip with us but God had other plans. All input appreciated.

    • Since you have so much to see, this could eliminate a lot of queue time and free up more time to explore, shop, and eat at each park. A lot has changed since 1998. $50 a day is a steal if they let you book all of the headliners that are usually;;ly tough for a FastPass reservation: Mine Train, Flight of Passage, Navi River Journey, ETC.

    • It’s going to be extremely different than the 1998 memories. If you go in determined to have a good time, with a good attitude, and understanding you will have to wait in long lines everywhere then you’ll be fine. Fastpass+ has changed the game.

  • So Disney is creating the same caste system as Universal, although it’ll be smaller, less visible/less omnipresent than Universal’s (at first).

    Only a matter of time before this applies to all on-property guests, and then all guests in general….

    • It’s not at all similar though? Universal’s is for every attraction for their three most expensive on-site hotel only. Everyone else still has to pay the ridiculous amounts of money for the express ticket. This is for three more attractions, only for those staying in the Club level rooms at certain hotels, is only for certain attractions (at least how I’m interpreting it)and is an additional $50 plus tax. And Disney still offers their 3 free FP+ for everyone. This is just an added bonus for those rich enough to stay in those hotels.

  • I have to admit that this feels like just one more money grab from corporate Disney. They continue to make WDW a place that favors the upper middle class and above. I don’t think it was Walt’s vision to give special privileges to the rich. His parks were supposed to be a place where families could come and enjoy the day in a safe fun environment. I guess now they can do it by paying $125 per person to stand in line waiting for their favorite rides because all of the fastpasses were long gone. Sorry for the rant but it really feels like just one more step toward something most of us don’t want to see.

    • Walt’s 1971 “vision” (or 1955 for that matter) has been gone for some time. Fragments exist here and there, but you can’t fault a company for changing over time. People are very different today from the 70’s, vacations are different, and Disney is experimenting and changing guest experience all the time. There are still ways to visit the parks for less money you will just have different experiences.

    • In Walt’s vision you had ticket books though . The more ticket books you could afford to buy, the more attractions you got to experience. It’s the same basic concept with this.

  • I can finally give my butler, chauffeur and maid the day off instead of having them hold spots for us in various ques

  • Personally, I think this is a good thing. The rooms mentioned are kind of pricey, and it is good that Disney is offering some benefit to those willing pay extra for them.

    • On our trip in Feb 2016, we (family of five) stayed at the beach club and brought our nanny as I was pregnant at the time. Disney upgraded her room to club level bc at the Beach Club, apparently there are some rooms with a single queen bed they usually have single conference attendees in. As we, the family, paid for her room, they also extended access to club level to us. I will be interested to see if these kind of “extra magic” happenings stop /become more rare since this is now an option.

    • Me too. I’d pay for these perks if offered to DVC members (who can’t stay on club level anywhere anyway, while using points)….especially since I assume you can then get all of Soarin’, Test Track, & Frozen Ever After FPs instead of just one of them (same tier) in a day.

      • I’ve used my points for club level at the Animal Kingdom before…just last year…is this a new rule I missed?

  • Considering that if you stay on site at 3 Universal hotels (doesn’t have to be club level), they give you unlimited express pass for free. This is bad move. C’mon Disney.

  • What do you consider Club level? …We belong to DVC (Beach Club Villas), and are annual pass holders …would we qualify for buying the extra fast passes?

  • So if I pay $50 per day on top of club level and book 90 days out theres a slim chance I could book a Fastpass for one of the 4 rides open at DHS and not get stuck wasting it to FP some late 80s early 90s stage show. I’ll just complain until I get what I want

  • Family of four at 5 days… This is $1000 extra plus the ~$200 premium you pay for buying tickets directly from Disney. This does not seem like a $1200 benefit.

    • Should be a part of a club level stay period. It doesn’t cost any more in material or man hours to book these electronic reservations. Just another money grab. Sounds great for 1 or maybe 2 days though. Unless you have to buy it for every day of your stay then forget it.

  • And with that, you can kiss you chances of EVER riding Avatar again goodbye.

    This is TRULY a money grab and totally goes against everything Walt stood for.

    • Yep!!
      It’s sad that in a place that supposed to be so magical for children, some parents have to save several years, to be able to afford a week at Disney, and that’s staying at a-value/moderate resort. And the hotels are no better then staying at a holiday inn. Honestly, my personal thought, the Hampton inn or Hilton, Has better room sizes and layouts. And as many people that Disney throws into all their hotels, They really need to spend money and invest in more bus transportation to and from the hotels, Disney springs, and parks. For the price that food costs, they sure should offer better options, and the gratuity that you’re expected to leave at a buffet style table service is absurd. I completely understand gratuity for someone who is bringing food to your table for you, but not a buffet that you’re doing it yourself. Disney brings in plenty of money daily. Why do they have to be so greedy.

    • I’m confused by the “3-day minimum purchase required.” bit. We’ll be staying club level AKL for 2 nights, then moving directly to another AKL room for 4 more nights. This means we’d have to buy the passes for 3 days, which I’m fine with, but since we hadn’t planned on going into a park the first night we arrive can I use them whenever we want over the next week?

    • Sorry Tina, I meant for my above reply to you to be on the main thread.

      As for your question about contact: Have you been contacted yet? Seems to me since it’s only available 90 days out for planning that they would have held off on offering it to you until you met that window.

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