PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Animal Kingdom 1/26/18 (New Park Logo Items, Flights of Wonder, Pandora Changes, ETC.)

Our latest photo report brings us to Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park…

Welcome to the Jungle

IMG 3211


IMG 3212

To keep lines shorter at Guest Relations, guests needing the DAS service are being sent up to the top of the Oasis to enroll.

IMG 3213

Wild New Merchandise 

IMG 3214

An entirely new line of Animal Kingdom logo merchandise was released recently.

IMG 3215

IMG 3216

IMG 3217

IMG 3218

I love this Safari Mickey pen so much…

IMG 3219

The art set in a case is pretty cute.

IMG 3220

IMG 3221

A postcard. Kids, ask your parents.

IMG 3222

IMG 3223

A new magnet.

IMG 3150

IMG 3151

IMG 3224

There’s also a new Wild! merchandise line geared at ladies, all featuring animal prints.

IMG 3225

IMG 3226

IMG 3227

IMG 3228

IMG 3229

Surprisingly, the cups and bowls in this collection are plastic.

IMG 3230

There’s a hidden Mickey at the bottom of the cup.

IMG 3231

IMG 3232

IMG 3233

IMG 3234

IMG 3235

IMG 3236

A water bottle pouch.

IMG 3237

IMG 3238

IMG 3239

IMG 3240

IMG 3157

Black Panther merchandise has arrived at the parks.

IMG 3158

A new Lion King mug for sale.

IMG 3159

IMG 3160

A new 3-D Darth Vader phone case for sale.

IMG 3161

IMG 3162

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has a special limited release MagicBand 2 celebrating Expedition Everest.

IMG 3163

Things You Can’t Buy

IMG 3241

Noticed these new signs by Kilimanjaro Safaris.

IMG 3244

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the animal tiles in the Rafiki’s Planet watch/Conservation Station bathrooms.

IMG 3245

IMG 3246

IMG 3247

IMG 3248

We went to see the often-forgotten “It All Started with a Mouse” show at Rafiki’s Planet Watch. It’s worth a view if you like animals and haven’t seen it before.

IMG 3252

IMG 3257

IMG 3259

IMG 3262

You can watch a pig paint…

IMG 3266

IMG 3267

IMG 3270

IMG 3282

Mombasa Marketplace and Ziwani Traders in Africa went through a bit of a remodel, moving cash registers out of the center of the store and adding a better flow to the stores.

IMG 3283

IMG 3284

This used to be a wall.

IMG 3285

The centralized registers are gone.

IMG 3286

IMG 3287

IMG 3303

Meanwhile, in Pandora, this giant stroller parking area is going unused.

IMG 3304

The effort to keep guests out of Satuli Canteen who aren’t eating there has added these temporary stanchions. Stroller parking is outside of the restaurant.

IMG 3305

Why not turn the old stroller parking into additional seating if this is a huge problem?

Grounded Flights of Wonder

IMG 3306

Work continues to convert the Flights of Wonder show into a UP bird show.

IMG 3307

The awnings added some time ago are being finished finally, adding themed walls to the exterior.

IMG 3308

IMG 3309

IMG 3310

IMG 3311

IMG 3312

IMG 3314

IMG 3315

The new show is set to debut before April 22nd.

IMG 3316

Drinkwallah in Asia is still closed for refurbishment.

IMG 3318

Kali River Rapids is closed for its annual refurbishment.

IMG 3326

With flu season in the air, Disney has added a number of Purel stations around the four theme parks.

IMG 3328

The various tram stops at the park now offer a photo-op with a tram.

IMG 3152

Having been quite successful, two new colors of Banshee plush are now on sale in Pandora.

IMG 3154

IMG 3156

Goodnight from the moon of Pandora!





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