PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 1/17/18 (Seasonal Refurbishments, Hundreds of New Souvenirs, So Many Mugs and Hats, ETC.)

Our latest photo report brings us to the Magic Kingdom for a look at what’s new (mostly merchandise) around the park…

Welcome to the Merchant Kingdom!

IMG 1604

The 2018 limited release MagicBand for sale.

IMG 1605

IMG 1606

The seven Dwarfs brown MagicBand is also now available.

IMG 1607

IMG 1752

Some cute new comic strip style mugs were just released. They retail at $15.99 each.

IMG 1753

IMG 1754

IMG 1756

IMG 1757

IMG 1758

IMG 1759

IMG 2083

The pre-packaged Otter Box phone cases have arrived. Star Wars and Mickey & Minnie designs are currently available.

IMG 2084

IMG 2085

IMG 2086

We’ve started to spot some prepackaged iPhone X cases for sale.

IMG 2087

IMG 2088

The 6S Plus, 7 Plus, and *plus cases are now clearly indicated on the packaging.

IMG 2090

New 2018 phone cases for sale at Tomorrowland Light and Power Company.

IMG 2091

We spotted this Mickey Mouse MagicBand out in the parks finally, but it just doesn’t look very good in person. It looks like a fan made it at home honestly.

IMG 2092

IMG 2093

It looks like they attempted to clean the Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station, but it needs repainting at this point.

IMG 2094

IMG 2095

The fried chicken is gone from Prince Eric’s Village Market, replaced with the ubiquitous Jumbo Turkey Leg.

IMG 2097

Some new Gaston shirts spotted in Bonjour Village Gifts.

IMG 2098

IMG 2199

A Maui “You’re Welcome” shirt for sale.

IMG 2200

This Mickey Hand water bottle carrier was new to us.

IMG 2201

IMG 2202

A redesigned Mickey note pad set.

IMG 2208

We also found the Otter Box cases at The Emporium on Main Street.

IMG 2209

Cases with large Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars and Minnie’s Bow are relatively new.

IMG 2210

A new Mickey Mouse home collection has been released, including these bookends.

IMG 2211

IMG 2212

They retail for $34.99 for the set.

IMG 2214

Some new mugs, many of which are also available at your local Disney Store.

IMG 2215

IMG 2216

IMG 2217

IMG 2218

IMG 2219

More of the new Mickey Mouse home collection.

IMG 2220

New character coin purse keychains.

IMG 2221

IMG 2224

New Mickey and Minnie character ear hats for sale.

IMG 2225

IMG 2226

The parks continue to introduce more baseball caps… here we see Sorority/Fraternity hats for Monsters University.

IMG 2227

New Cheshire Cat baseball cap.

IMG 2228

New Mickey Mouse photo frame.

IMG 2229

IMG 2230

IMG 2231

IMG 2233

There is even a hat that says “Meet Me at the Purple Wall”, the infamous Instagram photo spot at the Magic Kingdom near Tomorrowland.

IMG 2234

IMG 2235

IMG 2236

This and That

IMG 2238

The fountain near First Aid is still gone and may not be coming back…

IMG 2239

One of the Liki Tikis in Adventureland has been removed for maintenance.

IMG 2241

IMG 2242

The new Magic Kingdom map cover features about two turrets of Cinderella Castle. Why do park map covers have to look like the bad advertising we see outside of the parks? People are already here, show them a ride or something they can see in the park.

IMG 2243

Remaining Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party apparel being sold in Caribbean Plaza for some reason. Some shirts were down to $14.99.

IMG 2250

A new Captain Hook mug.

IMG 2251

IMG 2255

A new Mickey Mouse photo frame, $16.99.

IMG 2257 e1516208983489

Kids, cropping a photo was something you could do before computers, believe it or not. You can experience what the early settlers did if you buy this frame.

IMG 2258

Splash Mountain is closed again for the second leg of its refurbishment. There’s only no guests complaining because it was 40 degrees that day.

IMG 2259

The maple popcorn in Frontierland is sadly no more…

IMG 2260

IMG 2313

A new Magic Kingdom mug shaped like a Castle turret, retails at $19.99.

IMG 2314

IMG 2316

Another new mug.

IMG 2317

IMG 2318

IMG 2319

New Cinderella Castle cap.

IMG 2320

Displays with the new Mickey and Minnie items in Big Top Souvenirs.

IMG 2321

IMG 2322

A few more trees are definitely missing behind Space Mountain as work begins in earnest for TRON Lightcycle Power Run.

IMG 2323

IMG 2324

The walls we saw back here a few weeks ago were for this new cast access walkway to backstage behind the Tomorrowland Light and Power Company.

IMG 2325

Millenial Pink has joined the roster of MagicBand colors. I can’t believe they didn’t call it rose gold…

IMG 2326

People seem to still not know that iCan exists. He’s listed on the times guide and can be seen daily in Tomorrowland.

IMG 2327

The Lunching Pad now has a Barbecue For Sandwich. You go try it.

IMG 2331

Stitch’s Alien Encounter Character Greeting has returned following the “closure” of Stitch’s Great Escape.

IMG 2332

All three of the Star Wars “Medium Fig” statues have finally arrived at the Art of Disney.

editorial there s a curb at magic kingdom that keeps me coming back for more

IMG 2334

Some new kitchen accessories.

IMG 2335

IMG 2336

IMG 2337

IMG 2338

IMG 2339

IMG 2340

The new Minnie’s Sweets line is slowly replacing Minnie’s Bake Shop items.

IMG 2341

IMG 2345

Over at the Contemporary, they still have items from the gingerbread display for sale.

IMG 2346 scaled

We found this awesome new Espresso Cups set at BVG.

IMG 2347

IMG 2348

IMG 2349


IMG 2350

I think that’s enough mugs for one photo report…


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  1. Was your comment about the BBQ at the lunching pad meant to infer you don’t trust any food from that venue?

  2. My guess from personal experience is that those two turrets of Cinderella Castle are the only things that won’t go behind a refurbishment or construction wall in 2018

  3. They have no conscience with these mugs. I don’t even drink coffee and I want the Robin Hood and Hook mugs. I know Tom bought the Castle Turret one for sure

  4. OMG! You just broke my heart in a thousand pieces!!! No more fried chicken at Prince Eric’s!!! ???????????????????? ????????????????

  5. don’t know how I missed 1CAN . reminds me of push the talking trash can . for the wife & I sometimes it is the little things that can make a dull day @ a theme park bright . watching kids faces when they encounter something like this can make our day. I can still remember PUSH singing happy birthday to me & me giving some kids trash to feed PUSH because he said he was hungry.

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