RUMOR: Talking Mickey Mouse Meet and Greet at the Magic Kingdom to Be Silenced

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The “Talking” Mickey Mouse meet and greet, one of the more popular attractions at the Magic Kingdom, may be massively altered in the coming months.

According to Cast Members at Town Square Theater, Disney will soon be silencing the Mickey at the meet and greet location on Main Street U.S.A. This decision likely has been made for a variety of reasons, some being technical difficulties and overall guest confusion since other Mickey characters in the park do not talk to guests.

There is no definitive date for when Mickey will go silent at the Town Square Theater location, but Cast Members are speculating mid to late Spring, 2018.

Mickey will continue to meet guests at this location beyond the changes in the Spring, but he will likely no longer communicate with guests.

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  • This is news to me, and I advise Disney on immersive experiences, including this one. The technology is, in fact, being expanded to other characters and parks. If it goes dark, it would be to upgrade, not to remove.

    • They just upgraded the heads a few months ago, and we saw the recent test at California Adventure, but it sounds like this is an operations decision to deal with lines, not a creative one.

      • I believe this is one of the worst decisions yet. We waited over two hours with four kids, 5 and under to see what turned out to be a non-talking Mickey at DLR…we’ll never do that again when you can see him numerous times at character meals, esp the quiet Garden Grill. Stopping innovation would be a kick to Walt. They would do well to heed his words, “Do a good job. You don’t have to worry about the money, it will take care of itself. Just do your best work, then try to trump it.”

    • Why do they mess with what works? If they continue to grey out what makes Disney special just for revenue, Universal will take their crown or mouse ears.

      • Universal doesn’t have a chance to earn the crown until they start getting a different kind of ride besides “3D Motion Simulator”

    • I had no idea it talked and when I went in and saw it in 2016 it bowled me, a cynical miserable 45 year old man over. It’s one of the best things in the park, and truly ‘immersive’.
      It’s the one thing that left the entire family with a huge smile.
      I hope it’s not true they are taking it away, with all the other cut backs and upcharges, I’d be gutted.

  • This would be a terrible decision… Opps needs to get their heads outta their butts, and evolve with times… I think MK Special Events Teams, and MK Opps need some maybe fresh leadership… Parties and Events are Stale, and Daily Opps makes terrible choices..

  • We love seeing Mickey when we go! And the fact that he interacted with you made it “the best”!!! This makes me so upset!

  • He’s not only just talking to you in the theater but with the use of the artculated head in the morning court stage opening, Royal Friendship Faire, Festival of Fantasy, and Move it Shake it. It was the only place where Mickey was much more lifelike than any park.

  • This is terrible. I’m an adult but my wife and I look forward to seeing talking Mickey each year. Its truly amazing how he interacts with every guest. Please don’t take him away.

  • They better use the new Mickey head(Who doesn’t talk)that debuted at Shanghai Disneyland, instead of the current Mickey head that should be phased out from WDW by now, when Talking Mickey gets discontinued

  • He did not talk in October 2017 when we were there. We went the year before and he talked then. This was a deal breaker for my 5 year old daughter. Way to kill the magic Disney.

    A few months ago I saw a post that Disney bought a company called hanson robotics. The assumption was to improve upon talking Mickey so he is even more interactive. I think they are going back to old style temporarily so the new rollout is over the top awesome. I can dream can’t I?

  • I thought closing art of animation was the worst decision ever but this would be far worse. My 70 year old dad to my one year old love him. Please don’t do this, Disney!

  • They can’t silent the best character experience offered by Disney. Last December I went with my 3 year old son, and he met several characters due to having luch at the Chrystal palace and dinner at chef Mickey, he was totally amazed just by the talking Mickey… I think this isn’t real, Disney always got better, not the other way around

  • This is one of the coolest new things about the MK. Our Grandson was amazed by the talking Mickey. Please don’t take it away. The technology is amazing and the result is wonderful.

  • Why give it away when they could use Talking Mickey for hard ticket parties only! The shareholders demand we pay extra!!!!

  • Now the rumor has less force than before…D23 just announced a lineup of festivities celebrating the 90th birthday of Mickey Mouse. As part of the celebration, there will be a few events that celebrate Mickey in the parks…Just this year of Mickey´s celebration is not normal to take a step back precisely with him…
    Beginning in late 2018 and into 2019 the World’s Biggest Mouse Party, saluting Mickey and Minnie, will take place at Disney Parks worldwide.

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