Two New Special Events Have Begun at Tokyo Disney Resort

Starting from January 11th, 2018, two events have come to the Tokyo Disney Resort – one brand new to Tokyo DisneySea and one returning to Tokyo Disneyland for winter.

Now at DisneySea is an event centered on the movies of Pixar called “Pixar Playtime.”

The event includes a giant board game at Waterfront Park where you can have fun with some of your favorite Pixar characters. With board game spaces decorated with Pixar characters and a giant statue of the Luxo Ball in the middle, it feels almost as if you’ve shrunk to the size of a pair of dice.

There have been many stations set up throughout the park where you can participate in activities themed around various Pixar films. These include helping Lightning McQueen change his tires, helping Remy finish up his delicious menu, and many other games you can play with your friends to complete tasks!

At Piazza Topolino, an interactive show starring Pixar favorites will be taking place. Guests will be able to participate in games and activities throughout the show. With each activity cleared, a new Pixar character will emerge, adding to the fun!

There will be many other entertainment programs throughout the park, so be sure to check it out to make some memories!

Now as for Tokyo Disneyland, they are hosting the special winter event, “Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy.”

The “Frozen Fever” nighttime spectacular will be returning to Tokyo Disneyland. Along with castle projections and fireworks, the spectacular will showcase many scenes from Disney’s Frozen as well.

Once again this year, a photo location will be set up in Fantasyland to imagine yourself as Anna or Elsa. The photo location will showcase a swing made in the image of the scene where Anna sings “For the First Time in Forever.” Sitting on the swing, you can start to feel like Anna, and maybe you’ll even start singing yourself.

Decorations of the Snowgies that appeared in the short film “Frozen Fever” will also be scattered throughout the park.

With the two special events taking place in each park creating completely different atmospheres, there’s something for everyone during the winter season at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.