Walt Disney World to Test Cash-less Resort Concept at Animal Kingdom Lodge in February

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Walt Disney World will be testing a cash-less environment at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge during a limited pilot program beginning February 12th, 2018.

Jambo House at the Resort will be the first location to accept electronic payment only for all purchases and services. Guests with resort or dining reservations during the pilot program are being advised of the change.

Valid forms of payments that will be accepted include MagicBands, credit cards, debit cards, Disney Gift Cards, Disney Rewards Redemption Cards and electronic payments methods such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay.

Although the resort will be cash-less during the pilot period, they will continue to accept cash for tips and guests staying at the resort can use cash to add to their room charge capabilities.

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  • What items/services were offered for cash only at AKL? Animal Kingdom Lodge is my home-away-from-home resort at WDW and can’t remember paying for anything with cash.

    • So if I want to go eat at the Mara, they won’t take cash? Why is this being pushed? They don’t trust the cashiers to make change?

      • It simplifies operations because it means they don’t need to have cash on-hand at all the various locations. It also reduces the number of CMs who need to have access to cash, which drastically reduces the possibility for theft.

    • Not items that are cash only but any location within the resort that takes payment. Think of it like this, If I wasn’t staying at AKL but I resort hopped to get some Zebra Domes at the Mara I better have a credit card cause they aren’t going to take my cash anymore.

  • Wonder how this will affect tips. I assume the waitstaff will see less. Disney is looking only in its pockets, not the CM’s.

    • “Although the resort will be cash-less during the pilot period, they will continue to accept cash for tips and guests staying at the resort can use cash to add to their room charge capabilities.”

    • Because reading is fundamental. Perhaps you should go back and re-read the article.

  • This is how things have worked on cruise ships for almost an eternity. Nothing new to see or complain about here. Move on.

    • There’s plenty to complain about. Cash is anonymous. Many people do not want Disney – or anybody else – tracking their every purchase. It’s tiresome.

      • I also think this is a bad idea, as I am here now. I am a follower of Dave Ramsey and prefer to pay with things in cash. Doesn’t it devalue the American Dollar to not accept it?
        They moved me over to another check out line when I wanted to pay in cash at Animal Kingdom tonight.

  • I despise this idea. I sometimes link a CC to my MagicBand and sometimes pay cash. This should always be a choice. Yet another Disney blunder IMO

  • Truly, horrifically, incredibly, Stupid. Eff the public. We’ll going to do what we want and don’t give a rat’s patootie about what the public wants.

    I think this has come about because Disney has raised prices so high that it’s becoming impractical to actually carry enough cash for a Disney experience. You’d need to carry a backpack full of cash just to eat at Disney.

  • What am I supposed to barter with?? Lion pelts? Ivory? Bags of corn??Darnit I’m a warden for God’s sake! I don’t make that much as it is!

  • I will be monitoring all credit csrd transactions and want to ensure you that nothing will go worng… wrong. Im clearly not a robot!

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