WDW News Tonight Will Come to an End January 31st, WDWNT.com Announces New & Returning Programming

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Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 will be the final episode WDW News Tonight show, WDWNT’s last radio program after 4 and a half years on WBZW in Orlando.

WDW News Tonight was not a failure. The “radio experiment” taught us a lot about what works and what doesn’t, showed that advertisers aren’t necessarily impressed by a show being on the radio in 2018, and brought a lot of great new segments and staff members to the WDWNT family. The lack of growth in the show’s audience, some broken promises by our radio station partners, and the inability to sell advertising for the show are the main factors for its cancellation. As great of a story as it would be (and you know how much I love controversy), there are no behind-the-scenes politics behind our decision to end News Tonight. Nick LoCicero and Michelle Wargo will continue to be a part of WDWNT.com in the capacities, as will any of the panelists who appeared on a weekly basis.

With this gap in programming every week, we will reinvest our time producing and performing News Tonight into several existing and new programs, as well as additional website content and improvements.

This month, WDWNT hired 8 new on-air talents to fill out our roster. Utilizing the larger team now on-board (combining new panelists with all of the previous staff you know and love), the WDW News Today Podcast will return to weekly releases for the first time in over 5 years. Despite being a mostly irregular release schedule for some time, the WDWNT Podcast has seen enormous growth in listenership, so we feel the time has come to “revive” the show. Many podcast segments will also be recorded live on WDWNTunes.com and YouTube to fill the weekly programming gap.

Despite WDW News Tonight coming to an end, most of the show’s signature segments will go on:

  • The comedy monologue, parody commercials, the Wonderful World of Psychotic Comments, and WDWNT: The Match Game are heading to “See Ya’ Real Late with Tom Corless”, a monthly program exclusive to the WDWNT Inner Globe Society which can be joined at the starting price of $2 a month. The next episode of this show is Monday, January 29th at 11PM ET.
  • Jeopardy will become its own YouTube series that will also air in audio form on the WDWNT Podcast.
  • Other games (WDWNT: The Price is Right, Disney Parks Pursuit, WDWNT: The Pyramid, etc.) will become a new series called WDWNT: The Game Night on WDWNTunes and YouTube.
  • Weird World Showcase Food Item of the Week will become a YouTube series.
  • For WDWNT Inner Globe Society members only, two 30 minute shows a month called “WIGS Live!” will fill the gap of the promised WDW News Tonight post shows.
  • WDWNT March Madness will return annually as a standalone audio and video series on WDWNTunes and YouTube

Following trends, a new weekly YouTube show called “A Walk in the Park” will debut soon, following myself and the WDWNT staff around on a normal day of adventures walking around the Disney Parks in Florida and California. These shows will be live-streamed and will begin sometime in February 2018.

Ending WDW News Tonight is the toughest decision I’ve ever had to make in running WDWNT.com, simply because I really love doing this show every week. I love interacting with the audience who shows up live and calls in, I love getting to do a terrible comedy monologue, and I even love watching Nick still not know how to use a soundboard after all these years. The sad truth is the show felt like it wasn’t going anywhere and many of you know I don’t like to stand still for long if something isn’t growing. It isn’t really anyone’s fault, but being the highest rated local show on the AM and FM radio stations we called home and not seeing any return for it was getting harder and harder to justify. Regardless of the many broken promises made, we would like to thank WBZW and everyone at the Salem Media Group who made the show happen, from its early start as WDWNT: The Radio Show back in August 2013.

I’d like to thank everyone who made News Tonight (and the Radio Show) so special, staff and listeners alike, and I’m looking forward to continuing many of the great pieces of that show elsewhere and continuing the over 10 year tradition of the WDWNT Podcast.

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Tom Corless

Tom has been regularly visiting the Walt Disney World® Resort from the time he was 4 months old. While he has made countless visits in the last 28 years, he did not become a truly active member in the Disney fan community until the summer of 2007, when he decided to launch the WDW News Today website and podcast. Tom has since become an Orlando-local and is a published author on Walt Disney World.
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  • I’ve really enjoyed listening and participating in this show over the years, I’ll miss it for sure :(

  • This stinks to no end..but this could actually be for the better. Now there will be no time constraints to limit you guys to 2 hours and we can enjoy good programming on the WDWNT Podcast like the good ol days. Would love to see the WDW News Tonight opening monologue on each podcast opening! Good luck on the new move and excited to listen

  • Wait, so I won’t be able to showcase my handsome mug on that YouTube stream? That’s it, I’m so haunting you now Tom.

  • Many thanks to Tom, Nick, Michelle, Jason, and the rest of the team who made News Tonight so much fun to listen to each week. While I’m sad to see the show ending, I am looking forward to many of the new shows and offerings that will be possible with News Tonight ending and so many new folks joining the team.

    Thankfully a WIGS membership is $117 dollars less than a Disney After Hours ticket so I will be enjoying all the programming there.

  • Sad to see this podcast go. One of the only ones I consistently seek out.

    Excited to be getting more of the news today pods but will miss the fun and laughs of news tonight. It was nice to see actual opinions from Disney fans and not just rehashing news reports.

    why not simply continue the pod in non-radio format? Is it just ad dollars?
    Despite the new talent that I’m excited to see, the new programming sounds like it could fracture the audience.

    This idea was so good that I hate to see it go. Honestly, going off radio could allow you to truly embrace the concept without radio constraints.

    Understand the decision and hoping for the best. Good luck with the spinoffs.
    Irreverence loses a friend today.

  • Awesome job with the radio show but to be honest I never listened live always on YouTube the next day. I pretty much treated is like a podcast anyways as I really missed those. I’ve been around since the Luke Manning days so I’m happy to hear the weekly podcast is back.

  • Great job, team, sorry to see the show go. One question, will all the various new shows/content be posted in audio only podcasts feeds as well. I only listen (not watch) while running so I need feeds I can download.

  • mr corless I know how hard you work and I am sad you were treated in this way. good luck to the future.

  • I have truly enjoyed watching this every Wednesday Night. I am sad to see it go. #ThanksShanghai

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