BREAKING: Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster Closing for Iron Man Overlay at Walt Disney Studios Paris

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Popular stories and characters from the Marvel universe are already being incorporated into Disneyland Paris in the form of this summer’s Marvel Summer of Super Heroes celebration, plus plans for Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel. Now, it appears more super hero fun is on the way as it was just announced at D23 Expo Japan that the Marvel Super Hero universe will also come to Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris, where Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith will be totally reimagined as a high-speed, hyper-kinetic adventure, in which guests will team up with Iron Man and their favorite Avengers.


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      • Both a newer band (AC/DC has been around nearly as long as Aerosmith and is about as relevant) as well as a newer Marvel character (so Disney can legally use the property they bought/own wherever they want) for a refurbish of the WDW ride would be a good thing.

  • Instead of redoing their old rides with overlays to advertise their movies, can they provide more entertainment, rides, and experiences for guests spending $150/day to ‘enjoy’ something, instead of just be sold something else? Last ride WDW did that wasn’t an advertisement was decades ago. We love Disney, but Disney themselves really HATES their theme parks in the USA.

    • They’re not doing these things because they “hate” their theme parks. They’re doing it because that’s what the general public wants. Look at the movie division, save for an occasional Pixar film, every movie is a sequel or a remake because that’s frankly what people want right now. They are making movies that have a built in audience and guarantees a profit. The same thing is happening with overlays and IP based attractions. In the 50’s to the 80’ s, original rides drove people to the theme parks because new attractions usually displayed some sort of technological marvel that people wanted to experience. Now there’s a new technological marvel every 30 seconds, so it’s not a viable business decision to spend 2+ years on an attraction that doesn’t have some sort of hook that will guarantee they have an increase in guests. Really at this point it’s not even about an increase in guests so much as an increase in merchandise sales. IP’s mean built in merchandising opportunities. As a theme park fan, it definitely sucks that originality is all but dead, but it would be ridiculous to expect a company to not adapt with the times and to only appeal to a particular segment. Despite what we all want to think, Disney is a business and they’re going to make decisions that are going to benefit them as a business, even if it alienates a certain percentage because the majority is perfectly fine with it.

    • Adverse opinion: no they don’t. Stop whining or stop going and enjoy the crap entertainment at your local six flags magic fart or whatever the hell people like you find to be fun.

    • For better or worse, they’re catering to their current largest audience. WDW is the world of Disney. The current World of Disney is all the media properties it has right now that kids/adults are consuming. So people go to WDW to be in the world of all the stuff they’re watching and have connections with. That being said, I do hope they maintain a certain amount of unique rides and experiences.

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