AT D23 EXPO 2017, DISNEY PARKS CHAIRMAN BOB CHAPEK UNVEILS MARVEL-THEMED HOTEL COMING TO DISNEYLAND PARIS -- DisneyÕs Hotel New York Ð The Art of Marvel at Disneyland Paris will transport guests to the action-packed world of Super Heroes, including Iron Man, The Avengers, Spider-Man and more.

Interview Reveals More Details on Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel at Disneyland Paris

With the concept art of the renovation of Hotel New York released at the D23 Expo in Tokyo, some Paris fans are very excited about the upcoming changes. The hotel is now an art-deco themed hotel with an American 1930 ambiance, but in 2020 the hotel will showcase the inspiring world of Marvel in the style of a contemporary art gallery. Disneyland Paris talked to Artistic Director Sylvie Massara at Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Paris about the new theme of Hotel New York.

Massara explains the concept of the future hotel as follows: “When it re-opens, the Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, will evoke the contemporary sophistication of the city that was the birthplace of the Marvel Super Heroes, and the scriptwriters and artists who created them. The renovation of Disney’s Hotel New York is based on an environment inspired by the luxurious and contemporary buildings of Manhattan! The refined and cosmopolitan interior decor will evoke the neighbourhoods of the Avengers and will display ‘The Art of Marvel’ in public spaces. ‘Comic art’ posters, sketches, videos, storyboards, sculptures and costumes are the many examples of the Art of Marvel that will be included in the hotel’s overall decor, just like a contemporary art gallery in Chelsea.”

Concept art of the new rooms in Disney's Hotel New York in Disneyland Paris, opening in 2020

When asked about the inspiration for the themes of the rooms, she also gives information about the numbers of rooms and suites the hotel is going to get: “The hotel has 476 standard rooms, 65 executive, 15 themed suites, 8 ‘standard’ suites and 2 presidential suites. The interior decor of the bedrooms will be inspired by the urban contemporary and sophisticated style of Tony Stark, with a range of colors and finishes evoking Iron Man! The themed suites will be inspired by the world of Spider-Man and the Avengers, whilst the “standard” and presidential suites will have a more neutral decor in order to welcome our Convention clientele. As in the rooms, limited editions of the Art of Marvel will decorate the hotel’s walls, as if they were exhibited in an art gallery.”

Finally, she shares some info about the improved comfort in the rooms and the suites: “Apart from evoking the Marvel Super Heroes, the rooms and suites will provide larger flat-screens hidden behind a mirror, all the necessary European connections and sockets, along with a brighter bathroom with a bath or shower.”

As said, the renewed Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel opens in 2020. Can we expect to see you in Paris by then?