PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 2/5/18 (TRON Coaster, Rock the Tots, Road Work, Club 33, ETC.)

Our latest photo report brings us to the Magic Kingdom to see what’s new and exciting around the park. Let’s check it out!

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom 

For flu season this year, Disney has put out these Purel dispensers at all of the parks and even the resort hotels and Disney Springs.

These letter keychains filled with Mickey Mouse confetti were new to me.

The Rock the Dots merchandise is lingering. I guess people don’t like very plain merchandise.

A new Finding Nemo hat for sale. I think this should have been on the back of the hat, but what do I know.

There’s yet another version of the Monsters University shirt for sale.

A new-ish pin for Memento Mori in Liberty Square.

Good luck seeing the display case about the Hall of Presidents attraction while waiting for the show. For whatever reason, this space is being used for a wheelchair and ECV line and the cast members refuse to even leave 2-3 feet on the side for you to look at this display. I was actually yelled at when I said to the cast member that I would like to read the display. He then fought with me that the line has to go there immediately. I’m sure someone at WDI worked hard on this display, can it be moved or some compromise be reached?

In the Library Square ticket office, you’ll find some fantastic ads that fit the theme pretty well.

“The painter’s brush, A WORK OF ART!”

A walk down Main Street…

The Crystal Arts facade is getting some work done to it.

The railings from above the House of Magic are missing for some reason.


The Friar’s Nook in Fantasyland has an all-new menu featuring loaded tots and fried Twinkies. See our review and photos of the entire new menu here. And yes, the mac and cheese is gone.

A rather large tree near the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was removed for some reason.

Some new-ish Beauty and the Beast items at Bonjour Village Gifts.

Snow White is now meeting guests out in Fantasyland behind the Mine Train. It was jarring to see this but, but also incredibly sad when we realized that characters being out in Fantasyland is jarring. This wasn’t always the case as you would see characters out throughout the land (and the park for that matter).

A new 101 Dalmatians MagicBand 2 for sale.

Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soaks Station could still use some help.

TRON Lightcycle Power Run

Construction is set to begin this week on the TRON roller coaster in Tomorrowland, but it won’t be finished until 2021.

The land clearing is likely going to take a while as it includes swamp and waterways.

A rather plain and simple Mickey Mouse hat for sale.

Guests can now customize a Black MagicBand 2 at the D-Tech on Demand kiosks in Tomorrowland.

Here is the usual phone case picture, looking forward to reading comments from all of the Android users below.

First Aid on Main Street is closed for refurbishment, so it has been moved to a temporary location in Tomorrowland.

It’s actually located inside of the former RCA corporate lounge at Space Mountain.

LIVE ENTERTAINMENT? What is this, Disneyland?

Some new pins released last week.

There’s a new purchase-with-purchase tote available at the parks right now.

Splash Mountain returned from refurbishment this weekend.

I had not noticed this Pirates of the Caribbean playlet with a light-up sword and such before. It retails for $24.99.

The Liki Tikis have been removed for refurbishment, so the crates create a makeshift seating area for the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. These are coming back, despite what you may read on some other website. Maybe they should wait until we write it so they can copy and paste the correct info?

The facade work on Island Supply continues, with a temporary sign above the entrance still.

Works continues on The Magic Kingdom’s Club 33 location at the Adventureland Veranda.

Almost every room in The Emporium now has a refrigerator with drinks. It took 46 years for someone to think of this.

I never noticed that you could buy Disney reading glasses along with sunglasses at the parks, This could be useful if you forget yours at home. They are $19.99 each.

Some new Metal Earth models are available, Mickey, Minnie, and the Walt Disney World entrance gate. These are the first color models sold at Walt Disney World.

It is time to leave the park, but we aren’t finished yet…

Just Down the Road

Behind the park, in plain view, Monorail Red is being worked on following the now infamous door incident.

There is also a lot of road work happening on Floridian Way. Eventually, a new road around the back of the park will exist, no longer allowing guests and cast to drive along the north edge of the Magic Kingdom. t’s probably for the best as you don’t want anyone seeing these backstage areas.

When completed, the new road will carry cast and guest around the north end of property (behind Disney University) before depositing them onto Floridian Way near the Grand Floridian Resort.

Meanwhile, work in front of the park is “ramping” up. Get it?

Above is video of the Magic Kingdom resort bypass, which has once again been altered. Below we look at the exit from the Transportation and Ticket Center.

If it weren’t for the Speedway station, I wouldn’t recognize this area any longer.

To the left beyond the orange barrels is the new exit road that will move traffic a little further away from the Speedway. That road opened today (a few days late).

The Magic Kingdom area now looks like every highway in Florida.



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2 years ago

The wheelchair and ECV line at HOP is long overdue. With so many chairs and scooters these days its a big mess when the doors open and they try to scoot across the crowd.

2 years ago

I really enjoy driving the roads and seeing the transformation of the MK entrance/resort ramp. 5 years from now it will feel like it’s always been there.

The ads in the Liberty Square ticket office are awesome- too bad most guests won’t notice them though.

2 years ago

I love the nod to the “other site.” ????

Sir Couchington
Sir Couchington
2 years ago

I only regurgitate what I learn from your articles into a camera for five minutes. Cherrio!

2 years ago

I would not have found that Memento Mori pin if you hadn’t shown it. Thanks for the report!