PHOTOS: Even More Awesome New “4 Parks” 2018 Merchandise Released at Walt Disney World

A few days ago, we showed you the very first items in a new “4 Parks” collection being sold at Walt Disney World. Well, now many more items have joined the assortment at multiple locations property-wide.

We already showed you many of these items, but there’s plenty more still left to showcase.

Like this magnetic notepad.

A new version of the travel journal was released, too.

It features a cute interior.

Here, we have a magnet bottle opener.

Also, a baseball cap to add your growing Disney collection.

There’s a new autograph book with artwork and signatures.

Here are some socks featuring patches representing attractions and lands from the four theme parks.

This travel bottle is actually made of glass, believe it or not. It retails for $22.99.

A large picture frame for a small photo that retails for $29.99.

A new version of the Walt Disney World playing cards.

A pack will cost you $9.99.

I’ve never seen this before; it’s a pop-up postcard.

The art on the postcard “pops up” to make it a more dimensional display.

I, of course, had to buy this shirt which is $59.99.

Even Duffy and Shellie May have put on some new outfits for the collection.

A journal for sale.

It comes with some awesome stickers.

The Rubik’s Cube was updated with new artwork, too. It is $14.99.

A 4 Parks puzzle will set you back $19.99.

Most of the merchandise features geographical coordinates, which happens to be the locations of the four Walt Disney World theme parks.

That covers the entire collection. So, which items will you be picking up?

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