Pinocchio Village Haus in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom to Begin Table Service Dinner Buffet

In one of the stranger occurrences in dining of the last few years, the Pinocchio Village Haus counter service restaurant at the Magic Kingdom is set to start a buffet-style dinner service soon. Similar to the Be Our Guest Restaurant, the establishment will be a counter service dining experience during the day and a table service one at night.

According to cast members at the restaurant, guests will find offerings in a buffet style dinner at “Gepetto’s Village Haus Buffet”, priced at $22 per adult, $12 per child. The lineup should include “Italian food” offerings such as multiple salads, baked ziti, meatballs, pasta alfredo, chicken parmesan, flatbreads, breadsticks, cannolis, and Italian cakes.

Reservations should open soon. The start date has not been disclosed yet.

This wouldn’t be the first buffet offered in the restaurant as a breakfast buffet is offered during the Morning Magic events at the Magic Kingdom. While Village Haus isn’t exactly known for quality meals, it should be interesting to see how this one turns out.


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  1. They should gut the place and install the Pinocchio dark ride from Anaheim in it’s place. They should leave the Figaro is a cat mural however – don’t trash that masterpiece!

  2. It’s a quaint restaurant with lots of seating, but they’ll have to improve the food A LOT to draw the numbers they want.

  3. Not a good use of a TS credit, but add Pinocchio or J. Cricket meet and greet after dinner, raise the price about 5-10 and you have a winner!

    1. 22.00 is a going rate for a breakfast buffet without characters. Dinner price will be so much more then that. Feel badly for people who use a TS for this place

  4. interesting they went with Italian and not german. I mean I know Pinocchio is set in Italy, but they went with the German name Haus and he wears lederhosen… and they already have Italian restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. But i guess Italian food is generally more “kid Friendly” and easy to make in large quantities for a buffet. Still seems like it should have been something not already offered though…

  5. Table service for dinner in the Magic Kingdom is just a train wreck! I used to absolutely love King Stefan’s Banquet Hall (now Cinderella’s Royal Table).. but since they cheapened that experience and made it into some character meal/show, it’s average. We rarely, if ever, eat dinner at MK nowadays.

  6. Two Table Service restaurants at Magic Kingdom is curious. Maybe they are getting ready remodel Tony’s Town Square (one can only hope).

  7. We make it a habit to take the monorail or boat to the Grand and lunch at the Grand Floridian Cafe!!!!

  8. I was just there today (March 14th) and I asked a cast member when the buffet would start.

    He said “Oh, the rumored buffet? Yeah. I work here and I have not heard anything about this.”

    So I highly doubt this will be happening. especially since Spring Break is already under way and the crowds today were insane.

      1. It’s April and where’s the announcement?? Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s not coming because it’s not happening.

  9. Disney announced weeks ago a change in the Be Our Guest menu starting in July but yet this change is supposedly only weeks away with nothing said by Disney? Count me in the “I doubt it’s real” category.

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