Breakfast at Red Rose Taverne at Disneyland Begins Tomorrow

Rancho del Zocalo served its last Mickey pancake on February 6, 2018. If your heart is as broken as mine, fear not; all is not lost! Red Rose Taverne (formerly Pinocchio’s Village Haus) is opening the doors for the breakfast crowd! There are some new French-inspired menu items alongside old favorites. Let’s set them head to head and see if we’ve come out the victors! I will also answer the question on everyone’s mind: Are Mickey Pancakes gone for good?!?!

Zocalo offered a unique combination of American and Mexican foods. Most of the American breakfast plates came with scrambled eggs, a breakfast meat, and some variety of biscuits, pancakes, or waffles. The prices were, on average, $9. Of course, they offered a Disneyland classic – the Mickey Pancake breakfast. At the last breakfast swap, people freaked out at the possibility of losing these precious pancakes and Zocalo came through with them! For those who like things on the savory side, or who wanted a heavier breakfast and lighter lunch, they also offered a lot of savory Mexican-inspired dishes. The favorite of this group, the chilaquiles, can now be found at the PCH Grill’s character breakfast buffet at the Paradise Pier hotel, where you can also find Stitch! 

Perhaps the thing that I will miss the most about Zocalo was the peaceful relaxation. Their outdoor patio was situated near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but it was often my favorite quiet haven. Sometimes, when I wanted the Disneyland day without the crowds, I’d grab a nice breakfast at Zocalo and hang out on their patio at a table for 2 with my book and read. It was nice to be able to grab a free refill on my coffee in the morning. To me, the greatest downside about the move is that Red Rose Taverne does not have refillable coffee, and while their interior is beautifully themed, it tends to be much more crowded and full, so I’m not sure my breakfasts will be quite as peaceful.

So, is the new menu a beauty or a beast? Well, I’m glad you asked! There are a lot of French-inspired dishes that look exciting, and the Taverne continues its theme of offering adult food at convenience pricing! Rather than catering to what they expect children will eat, Red Rose Taverne’s menu has always reflected some sophisticated dishes offered at extremely reasonable pricing, and the new menu preview does not disappoint! The new menu will include a Croque-Madame, which is a traditional French open-faced sandwich that involved ham and melted cheese with béchamel sauce and egg. Disney is adding their own twist by including tomatoes and dijon mustard. They will also be offering a unique breakfast flatbread that will feature bacon and eggs with potatoes, mozzarella, and béchamel sauce. Sounds like a love it or hate it dish and I’ll be sure to write up a review when I taste it later this week! They brought back the traditional breakfast, but they’ve replaced the biscuit with a petit croissant, and… rest assured… they have decided to put the Mickey Pancakes we love on their menu, as well!

A full menu for Red Rose Taverne can be found here! I highly recommend Lumiere’s Chicken and the Enchanted Cauliflower sandwiches for lunch and dinner.

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