REVIEW: New Shrimp Spring Roll at Bengal Barbecue, Disneyland Resort

If you’re looking for something to eat ‘on-the-go’ or a quick snack, make sure you visit Bengal Barbecue! Located right across the walkway from Indiana Jones, this eatery is best known for their delicious skewers. I stopped in this weekend to try their newest item, the shrimp spring roll.


In the past, I tried the Banyan Beef Skewer and Chieftain Chicken Skewer. I preferred the chicken skewer, as I wasn’t too fond of the sauce on the beef skewer. This location is also vegetarian friendly, as they also have a vegetable skewer.

Specialty Items

There are a few featured items that are advertised that you can see as you’re in line or at the register when you order.  First, the Jungle Julep, which I have not personally tried, but for a more detailed description of it check out this article. I did see quite a few people with it, so maybe next time I’ll try it out! Another featured item includes the BBQ Pork Belly Skewer. This option has grilled pork belly served on a “boat” of iceberg lettuce, topped with hoisin sauce, pickled carrots, daikon and cilantro. The most expensive option on the menu is their Bengal Rice Plate, which is more of a meal. You have the option of two regular skewers (specialty skewer not included) served on a bed of jasmine rice with a side of citrus-miso slaw.

NEW ITEM: Shrimp Spring Roll $6.99

The newest item on the menu is the reason I visited this past weekend. I’m not sure if this item will remain on the menu permanently, as Disney advertised it for #FishFriday. However, this option is not only available on Fridays. The Shrimp Spring Roll includes Romaine Hearts with Jalapeño, Carrots, Cucumbers, Rice Noodles, fresh Mint, Sweet Basil, and Poached Shrimp wrapped in Rice Paper served with sweet and spicy Hoisin Sauce. This roll was delicious; my friends and I shared it and all agreed that the sweet and spicy sauce was amazing. The size of the roll was worth the price, as well, in my opinion.


If you want to try something other than burgers, chicken strips, or hot dogs, I would suggest visiting Bengal Barbecue. The line can get a little long sometimes, so that’s something to keep in mind if you’re in a hurry. However, if you have a few minutes, this is a great place to stop and grab a few items and take them with you wherever you’ll be heading next!

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3 years ago

Great info as always. You should start a side business that organizes peoples visits to the parks. You plan out their rides, meals and and shows. You have great insight.