REVIEW: Night Blossom with Rum, New Treats Debut in Pandora – The World of AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

New at Pongu Pongu Refreshments in Pandora: The World of AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom are two baked goods and a fun twist on a fan-favorite beverage…

The Moara Coffe Cake, Viperwolf Claw, and the Night Blossom with Rum (or Rum Blossom) were added recently.

Let’s see how these new items fared…

Moara Coffee Cake ($3.79)

I was honestly quite surprised with how good this was. It was very fresh, moist, and was probably the best counter service cake I’ve had in a very long time. If you’re looking for a quick, sweet breakfast that won’t break the bank at under $4, this is what you want.

Viperwolf Claw ($3.99)

Being seemingly the only person on earth that doesn’t enjoy the Magic Kingdom cinnamon roll, I was not expecting to like this. I was pleasantly surprised again.

While not as big and doughy, the Viperwolf Claw was fresh, crispy, and had a really nice flavor with the frosting generously applied. It was less like a theme park pastry and more like something you would pick up in a New York bakery, if that makes any sense. I honestly would have a really hard time choosing between the claw and the coffee cake because they are both so good. I would even take these over the chocolate twist found elsewhere at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park.

Night Blossom with Rum, Rum Blossom ($10.25)

This is what the Night Blossom was always meant to be. While enjoyable, even though the sweetness can be a bit much after about half a cup, the Night Blossom was made to have rum in it and I can’t believe it took as long as it did for someone to figure this out. The drink uses Bacardi Superior Rum and combines it with the beverage’s layers of Apple and Desert Pear Limeade topped with Passion Fruit Boba Balls. They do just pour it on top, so you will want to mix it (and also be careful as you carry it away from this food service window. If you like sweet rum-based drinks, this is going to be your new go-to.



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