REVIEW: Tortuga Tavern at the Magic Kingdom Adds Chipotle Barbecue Short Rib Sandwich

Tortuga Tavern at Magic Kingdom has changed their menu up once again. This time they’ve added some new barbecue to the menu, as a stand-alone sandwich and on top of a hot dog. We got the sandwich.

Chipotle Barbecue Short Rib – $10.49

The sandwich arrived on your typical Magic Kingdom hamburger bun. Underneath was a mediocre scoop of the short rib in a tangy barbecue sauce with minimal coleslaw on top. While the barbecue sauce left a lingering flavor, the short rib is nearly indistinguishable from the pulled pork at Cosmic Ray’s. You also receive a 1oz bag of Lay’s chips on the side.

The sandwich is pretty okay, and with the upcoming spring break season it makes sense to get a meal away from the craziness that will be Pecos Bill and Cosmic Ray’s.


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