AT D23 EXPO 2017, DISNEY PARKS CHAIRMAN BOB CHAPEK SHARES PLANS FOR A NEW ENTERTAINMENT VENUE COMING TO MAGIC KINGDOM PARK -- Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Chairman Bob Chapek unveiled plans to build a new entertainment venue, inspired by the iconic Willis Theater as it looked in 1920s Kansas City, at Magic Kingdom Park. The theater is set to bring world-class entertainment to the Walt Disney World Resort.

RUMOR: Magic Kingdom Broadway-Style Theater Likely Delayed or Cancelled

Despite being announced at the 2017 D23 Expo, Walt Disney World is now stalling (or possibly cancelling) plans to build a “broadway-style” theater in the Magic Kingdom.

It seems that the project is at least delayed, if not cancelled, due to some unforeseen circumstances. Despite blueprints and permits already being finalized and filed, the theater will likely not open in 2020 as originally announced.

It is very possible that the project is simply delayed. The current construction timeline would allow Disney to halt construction for 12-15 months, but still be able to open the venue by the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World in October 2021.


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  1. Tom – do you know what the unforeseen circumstances are that might have lead to this decision that you could share with us?

  2. Where I think that this would be an enjoyable addition to the MK, I wouldn’t be terribly disappointed if this didn’t happen. Not one of the announcements that I was super excited about.

  3. Given all the expansions going on at WDW (and the overall low unemployment rate in the country), they might be finding it hard to find to find qualified individuals for this project. Like you said, hopefully it is just a delay until some of the other projects (like Toy Story Land and the Skyway system) are complete…

  4. If it’s cancelled altogether, it would be a pretty big disappointment. MK is WDW’s most crowded park. Having Broadway style shows similar to DL’s Aladdin or Frozen shows would be a great addition to WDW and a great fit for MK’s mainstreet.

  5. Chapek is now closing down attractions before they’ve been built. This is madness!

  6. No mainstreet USA wants a seedy back alley theather but modern day LA would welcome it with open arms. It will look great next to our overpass. Plus Muppet vision already has water sprayers, bubbles, penguins, and old men that gawk aka everything our patrons request after midnight

  7. Blame trump (and the hurricanes) for the construction boom and shortages of qualified contractors.

  8. The unforeseen circumstances is Walt Disney World doesn’t spend money to add attractions that don’t make money. They will only do rides which promote/advertise existing money making ventures, Pandora, Tron, Frozen. The days of Disney giving one penny to the “Guest Experience” doesn’t exist under Chapek and Iger. They hate customers with a passion. They only have eyes set on the bottom line and stockholders.

  9. No big loss. There are a lot better attractions that the MK could use. This would have been a eye sore.

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