Boo, Mike, and Sully from Monsters Inc. will be featured in Kingdom Hearts 3.

VIDEOS: New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Released at D23 Expo Japan, Monsters Inc. World Confirmed

A new trailer and theme song for Kingdom Hearts III were revealed today at the D23 Expo in Japan, confirming the existence of a Monsters Inc. world in the game.

The trailer shows and in-depth look at the Monsters Inc. world, featuring Boo, Mike, and Sully. Sora, Donald and Goofy look awfully unique in monster form.

The trailer also shows Vanitas from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, as well as Marluxia from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, both of which played prominent antagonist roles in their respective games.

There is also a long scene of gameplay featuring the Tangled world, where it appears that both Rapunzel and Flynn Rider will be usable as party members.

“Don’t Think Twice” is the game’s new theme song, and its separate trailer reveals some additional unseen footage. Give it a listen here.

Kingdom Hearts III is still slated for a 2018 release on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.