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BREAKING: Walt Disney World Will Begin Charging Resort Guests for Overnight Parking

Disney is expected to soon announce that their resort hotels will be charging guests for overnight vehicle parking.

Guests bringing a car to Walt Disney World may rethink their plans when they have to pay for overnight parking at a Disney hotel.
Guests bringing a car to Walt Disney World may rethink their plans when they have to pay for overnight parking at a Disney hotel.

The new policy would require guests to pay for overnight parking, per night, at all of the Disney owned resort hotels at the Walt Disney World Resort. Disney Vacation Club guests staying using their points would not have to pay for parking as part of a new membership perk.

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Prices have not yet been revealed for the overnight parking, but it will depend on the type of resort (value, moderate, and deluxe will all have different pricing). A start date has also yet to be announced.

Valet parking prices at resorts will also be raised as part of these changes. These changes will not affect guests visiting resorts for dining, shopping, or otherwise. The paid parking is only for vehicles staying at the resorts overnight.

  1. Honestly again I hate I really hate to say anything negative about Disney World but COME ON!!!! This is one more reason not to stay on sight. Very upsetting to say the least. Very! I don’t care if it’s only $1.00.Even though I know it will be more. It’s a shame. Shame shame shame. Stop stripping are magic away

    1. I am sorry, but why do guests feel entitled to free parking? Stay at a hotel in any other major vacation destination and try to find free parking. To those who feel that the prices are too high, I can only ask this: IF they are too high, why are there no rooms available. I just did a search for a room this weekend. The only value is Pop Century. There are a few moderate rooms in just a couple of categories. Basically, almost everything is full.
      Supply and Demand dictate that prices should go up. By raising ancillary fees like parking, the actual price goes up, but the quoted room night rate can stay lower.

      1. I guess because they cahrge such high prices for the parks, amenities, etc, you would like to think that they could include parking in the price. Has the hotel been renovated that many times in the last 40 years. I doubt it. I would avoid any hotel in FL that charges for parking, the land is cheap.

      2. Only those who believe ignorance is bliss partake in Disney nonsense. A multi billion dollar corporation charges for parking and there are actually some who defend them … That makes me laugh as seeing conditioned people is why our country is the way it is. Disney IS one of the major corporation issues in our corporate rule. Keep feeding them with implied consent and they will never stop.

    1. At one time DVC members got fee valet at DVC properties.

      I wouldn’t count on this perk lasting very long.

  2. Wonder if they will make an exception for the campgrounds? Parking is the entire point of the resort.

  3. What a crappy idea. What’s next? Charging resort guests for parking at the park themselves? Hopefully some people start changing their minds about staying at the resorts, and that will send Disney a message. Stop raising the cost of taking a Disney vacation twice as fast as inflation. More and more folks are going to be priced out, or just choose vacation options that don’t double in price every 10 years it seems.

  4. Tacky. Another cash grab that reeks of mediocrity while trying to trap people on property who don’t want to waste money on parking. Glad I have a DVC.

  5. Well, this will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. We have visited on many occasions, and always stay onsite. We fly from Canada and sometimes we rent a car at the airport, and sometimes we use the Disney bus (and in those cases we might rent a car for a few days to allow us to see some attractions and do some shopping outside Disney). Disney World is expensive enough and to have to pay for parking is a money grab from people already paying a premium to stay onsite. We are planning a trip in August, but it will probably be our last. We simply cannot afford it anymore.

  6. So, no reported break for annual pass holders? Will they now get free parking at the parks… but now have to pay to park at night if they stay on-site?

  7. This is going to go over well and there will be absolutely no complaints about this.

  8. I can understand the reasoning behind this, having stayed at an All Star resort before, but I think other avenues of deterrence should be pursued. It is already expensive enough and with yearly price hikes this seems a bit excessive. If they truly want to incentivize quest to not drive Disney should offer a discounted rate on rooms or tickets for those that choose to not drive.

    1. Why does Disney care if you drive? Not being sarcastic. I really don’t understand this.

      1. Agreed. They have to provide the parking spots regardless based on zoning and building code regulations. To discourage guests from using their own vehicles forces them to use Disney transport which costs Disney money. Seems dumb all around.

      2. My guess would be to reduce the likelihood that guests would leave property to visit other attractions or buy cheaper food.

  9. Ridiculous. I would love to have been in the room when the person thought this up.

    What’s next. Resort fee and housekeeping fee?

    1. Next two things we’ll see is

      1. Resort guests will also have to pay to park at the theme parks.

      2. Pay for play FastPasses

      Disney can charge whatever they want for tickets/services/goods and the parks will still be packed and the hotels full.

      It’s disheartening but pure economics.

    2. I am with you Brian! Another fee on an already expensive trip is Ridiculous!!! What is next? Paying to use the restrooms!

    3. There already are both of those and a room discount if you choose not to have housekeeping!

  10. I see DVC members getting free parking as a perk here, but no mention of APs. I guess we will have to wait to find out the whole story when they announce this…

  11. I love Disney, but, come on! They just keep raising the prices for everything. Rooms, park tickets…now this. I said it after our last trip there in 2016- corporate greed seems to be taking over the magic of it all. I have to believe that Walt wouldn’t be thrilled with these changes.

  12. That’s bull crap! You already charge an arm and a leg to stay at the resorts, now you wanna charge us to park there as well?!

  13. This is not good. The Disney resorts are already at the higher end of most budgets. With this price increase, I may have stayed my last night in a Disney hotel.

  14. Guess everyone here forgot that almost every other hotel already does this. Including all of the hotels at Universal Orlando. But everyone feels Disney has to have some sort of altruistic nature and forget they are a for-profit company.

    1. How altruistic are the already-maxed-out charges for everything from tickets to food to rooms? And the continuous addition of up-charge hard-ticketed events like parties, which exclude paying guests from evening experiences? I’d say the cost of upkeep on flat asphalt surfaces is probably already covered by all the rest of the charges, or should be.

    2. Not every…and by not staying sends a message…’s the straw that breaks the camels back as the saying goes …I won’t stay there’s the principal of greed has no end

  15. Probably wishful thinking but any idea if fee for parking at resort you are staying at would carry over to theme park parking lots? If paying the parking fee anyway would be nice to then just be able to drive around property without additional parking fees.

    1. As of now, if you stay at a Disney Resort, you don’t pay for parking at the Parks so I am guessing it will be the same here…

    2. Resort Guests don’t pay for theme park lots already, as a perk of staying on property.

    3. Parking at the theme park parking lots is free to onsite guests. So there’s no need to carry over the fee.

    4. Resort guests already get free parking at the theme parks…I haven’t heard any rumors of this changing…

    5. Previously those staying at the hotels didn’t have to pay for parking at the parks. It was included in the room price. I would assume they aren’t going to double dunk this new fee.

    6. You can already park for free at the parks if you are staying at a resort, or at least you could on our last trip last summer.

  16. This is complete BS. Are they just trying to take away every perk of staying on site at Disney resorts? First they gave Disney springs resorts 60 day FastPasses, and now they are charging resort guests to park at their own hotel ON WALT DISNEY PROPERTY? I swear, this is maddening.

  17. I am a DVC member so it doesn’t really concern me for the time being. However, I don’t see this being received very well regardless of the cost. I also think there is more to this than meets the eye. If it were only a money issue (they have to pay for Star Wars and Toy Story land) then raising the parks parking and charging non-guests for parking at resorts would make more sense.
    Seems counter productive on the surface but we shall see once the logistics and pricing is laid out.

  18. Look on the bright side – it may have a positive effect on road congestion and travel time if fewer resort guests are bringing cars.

  19. For the prices that they charge parking should be included. I hate this at USO and I really hate this at a Disney Resort. What a load of crap!

  20. So what if you already have a reservation? Upon arrival will I have to pay more? I’m sorry, but we are staying at the Polynesian next month and this is already putting a bad taste in my mouth! It’s ridiculous to pay $600+ a night then be charged to park while people who come to eat and shop but are staying at a $70.00 hotel off property can come and take up parking for free!!! Just more nickeling and diming from the mouse! Walt would be furious!

  21. Absolutely disgusting, more money grabbing by corporate. Disney is slowly alienating loyal fans and customers. I’m a DVC member since the beginning and I have seen the quality and lack of attention to detail put aside all in the name of making more money.

  22. The reason most people drive is because it’s too expensive to fly. Can’t catch a break anywhere anymore :/

  23. I love Disneyworld. I have been going for the last 20years. I think it’s really pathetic what there doing to make all these little perks and charge for it. Here’s a thought Disney, your ceo really need a paycheck of 48 million dollars? And you have to milk every paying customer that comes to disney!!! The magic is really leaving disney everytime you try to justify these BS charges. Ticket prices go up 2x’s last year and resorts go up and now a bogus pay to park at resorts?? Really disney!

  24. Once again, hotels and resorts don’t use the common sense to give perceived value. If they truly need to charge for overnight parking, which seems ludicrous, then just add $10.00 to the room rate across the board and then call it “free” parking. Everyone will pay a bit more but Disney will make up the difference with the guests that don’t park a car during their vacation. I think the same thing should be done at the Swan & Dolphin, too. When you see a room rate and it lists free parking, no resort charges, and free WiFi you don’t think twice about it except as a benefit. When those “benefits” are listed as services above and beyond the room rate but you still have to pay them even if you don’t use them (like the resort fees at the Dolphin for the pool and health club – both of which I never use) guests think twice about booking that property. Bump up the room cost a bit and offer the services for “free” and then you have a perceived value which is more attractive. I used to be in the travel business so I know how the nickel and dime costs for services turn people off even though they are willing to pay a bit more for another property which includes the same services at “no charge” Notice how Disney has fewer discounts since they offered “free WiFi” all over the parks and resorts. You’re paying for it anyway in room rates and park passes and now it seems like a huge benefit. FYI – I’m an annual pass holder and a Disney stockholder, but the rates for all things Disney are becoming ridiculous.

  25. Unbelievable and very obnoxious. As a Florida resident, it seems to me that they want to cut out “local’ people and keep it for the masses who fly in. Really despicable. As if Disney greed doesn’t rake in enough money as it is. I was in the process of planning another Disney vacation for next year. Not gonna happen now. This is just too much.

  26. I can barely afford WDW as it is now. Come on charge to park at a hotel you’re staying at. This leaves a sour taste in my mouth.where do I complain to Disney about this?

  27. Just wondering where you heard this from? I work at the Disney reservation center and there has been no mention of this. And “resort fees” and “parking fees” and “housekeeping fees” and “magical express fees” are all built into the nightly hotel stay anyway… unlike every other hotel in the Orlando area.

  28. I can’t believe that Disney would charge guests at each resort a fee for parking. If they do this, it was stupid to announce it as a parking fee. That just irritates guests. I would have simply increased the room rates slightly to take in the amount for parking. But, personally I wouldn’t charge guests, who are already spending a LOT of money to stay at a Disney Resort, for parking. That is simply being greedy.

    1. Words can’t describe how pissed off I am about this announcement. I’ve been more and more aggravated with the senseless money grabs over the past several years but this crosses the line goes beyond ridiculous. Deluxe hotel rates are already out of sight and they have the audacity to charge a parking fee. I know I’m dreaming but I hope this affects hotel occupancy. I was going to Central Florida next month for business and I was staying on property but not anymore. Way to go Disney!!!

  29. This is insane!!! I have been coming to a Disney over thirty years and bring a Florida Resident…cannot even book a resort on the weekend with a Florida resident rate… No rooms available.. Now they are going to charge us to park In the resort as well… Sad Day!!!

  30. I’m surprised that Disney didn’t simply bury this in the “resort fee” and be done with it. The PR blow back would have been a lot less.

  31. Suddenly the thought of staying at an offsite hotel isn’t all that ridiculous anymore, right. Thank god for ridesharing apps.

  32. Clearly to deter folks from having a vehicle at all, which in turn keeps them on property, which (more importantly) keeps them spending their money on property.

  33. I think this is a shame! I think the only ones who should be charged are those not staying at the resort. Stop nickel and diming is!

  34. I would prefer them charge for Magic Express rather than charge for parking. I like to have a car on property and will continue to do so. The Disney bus system is not terrific. It works but it’s not great. If they had a better transportation process, I would be more okay with this.

  35. This is quite ridiculous. You are already paying a premium price to stay at the Disney resorts, parking is something that always should be included in that. Not a good look for WDW on this decision.

  36. Terrible, just terrible move by Disney. What the heck are they thinking, my gosh have they becoming super greedy.

  37. Saw on another site park rates will be:

    Value Resorts $13/night
    Moderate Resorts $19/night
    Deluxe Resorts $25/night


  38. Punishing people that drive hours to spend our hard earned money to have some family time in Disney seems unnecessary. The room pricing is so high we are possibly not going to be able to stay on site for future trips. I guess alternate places will have to be looked at for vacations verses Disney. Carowinds and Kings Dominion are closer to us anyway. If the thought is well it is only (whatever the amount they decide on) it is still money that some can’t afford. I understand thinning the heard mentality makes the parks better for the guests that are in the parks but eventually there will come a point Disney will need the repeat business they are driving away. Unhappy Annual Pass Holder!

  39. I really think it is time for everyone to boycott Disney till some of this stops.
    To do something now to stop this and not just complain about how totally crazy this is of Disney !!!!!

    1. I am done with WDW if this gets implemented. I have two weeks long trips planed between now and July.

  40. Wow. As a CM, I thought I was jaded to the cash-grabby character of my company. This is beyond the pale. If there is a budgetary need for $, this is the worst way to get it. If there isn’t, this is terrible PR. Who made this decision???

  41. Shameless money grab… corporate greed…Walt rollin’ in his grave…etc.

  42. Used to be able to rationalize the higher prices at the Disney Epcot Resorts because the Swan and Dolphin charged for parking and a resort fee. About $ 50/day extra.
    Since the first of the year, I’ve noticed a substantial rise in even AP discounted rooms at Disney, and now this.
    I’m sure the next shoe to drop will be “resort fees,” fast pass packages, and special entry fees into the “special lands.”

  43. I wonder how this would affect the campsites and cabins at Fort Wilderness? You already pay for your “spot” at the campsites, and the cabins already have individual parking.

    Regardless, this is a pretty crappy move.

    Does Disney really want all its resort guests traveling via their bus system? And what about people who drive to Disney with big families who can’t afford to fly everyone to Florida?

    This really is a terrible upcharge and would seriously make me reconsider my trip. We usually drive and stay for a week. At $19 a night, that’s an extra $120.

    1. Disney’s website now states that the new overnight chrge does not apply to the Fort Wilderness campsite:

      “Complimentary standard parking is available to Guests staying at the Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort”.

  44. I would rather the cost of the room to include the parking. Especially if I am parking and walking (sometimes a good distance) to my room. Disney is building a ton of new hotel space and apparently could care less about people who stay frequently on weekends. We stay onsite for Disney races and so we could get on rides.

    I guess we will switch to Universal. Everyone I know who has switched say that Universal treats their pass holders much better than Disney.

    1. Universal has block out dates for two of their annual passes. We purchased one of those passes and knew the dates. 4 months after purchasing them at the beginning of the next year, Universal added more block out dates to our pass without notifying us by email or any other way. We showed up on one of those days and they wouldn’t let us in the park! Pretty shady if you ask me.

  45. This is the most ridiculous thing Disney has done in a long time. We are already paying higher than market prices for rooms. Ticket prices are outpacing a normal family and now this. Nothing will slow this monetary onslaught but dropping numbers at their resorts and parks. Stay away from WDW.

    1. “market” prices would indicate there is a comp. Where is the comp for Disney? Universal? The “market” is whatever people will pay to stay on site

  46. I take my family several times a year and spend about $10,000 a year at WDW. If they begin to charge for parking at the hotels I will no longer visit. I believe this is short term thinking that will cost them. Do do not mind paying a premium to say at WDW but I feel taken advantage of when I have to pay for something that at one time was free. If a few hundred bucks is worth losing several thousand dollars I encourage Disney to do this; they will have lost me as a customer for good.

  47. Its bad enough that families have to save for years to afford a trip to Disney World. This is not the vision that Walt must’ve had for the Happiest Place on Earth. As an Annual Passholder, it’s making me really second guess renewing.

  48. Parking today, what’s next Disney, toilet paper?
    Shame on you Disney, the happiest place on earth is slowly bleeding guests. It used to take me 2 years to save up for a Disney vacation for four ( and that’s driving from Massachusetts) but with your constant price gouging most children will never be able to experience the joys of a Disney vacation. You should be paying us, the guests, for waiting in long lines, for building more resorts than your parks can handle, for being uncomfortable in over crowded busses, for selling products not ‘MADE IN THE U.S.A.’ for charging unreasonably high prices. I’ve always loved Disney but sometimes you just have to stop and say enough is enough, maybe it’s time to see America while we still have one!

  49. That’s just crazy to charge for parking at the resort for people staying there ,or on DVC points , they should charge for people visiting or just for the day because ticket prices are high now anyway

  50. I absolutely love Disney and we love to stay at the resorts even though we live 15 minutes away. If they do this it’s nothing but pure greed. A shameless money grab to further max out their guests who are already paying insane amounts for tickets, hotel, food, and drinks. The price hikes lately have been out of control. Now you can’t even get shampoo and body wash at some of the hotels… and you’re going to have to pay for parking too? I could stay at a crap hotel that’s probably nicer than some of the budget hotels and at least get some shampoo. Who is going to be left who can afford to go? And what about annual pass holders who are going to get fed up and take their business over to Universal who is opening a brand new park, building new hotels, etc. Shame on Disney! This is NOT what Walt Disney had in mind!!

  51. Wow. Thanks Disney. It’s bad enough your park is over $100/day. I can buy a flat screen TV for less than what it would cost to take my family to one of your parks. You already charge for parking at the park and now you’re going to charge for overnight parking?! That’s a complete dick move.

  52. So disappointed it makes me want to not renew both our annual passes and Tables in Wonderland card. We have come every year since 2003. Sometimes twice a year. I thought Disney was better than that. Maybe it is time to stop coming if we are going to be nickel and dimed for parking on top of the hotel and park cost. Shame.

  53. That’s it for me. We spend at least 10,000 a year at Disney and each year we say we have had enough due to feeling squeezed. This is a disgusting move and will surely see an extremely negative impact. The final straw…..

  54. Disney is becoming an elite vacation spot, instead of a place for families to come to enjoy the aura on a budget. I think I have visited there for the last time. (3 years ago) My first trip there, the focus was on the guest, and thru that focus, it influenced people to spend more. Now, it’s a place that focuses on the money, and the guest experience is lost. I was never part of the elite group that Disney now desires. No, this move is the last straw. I’m done dealing with the way they have changed. Bad move on the part of WDW. The parking lots will be full of people that can afford this kind of BS. We were going to drive down this year. Now, I’m happy to say that that will not happen, but we won’t be flying there or walking there either.

  55. This is fine for all the people that fly in and use Disney’s Magical Express bus ride from the airport to their hotel, since that service is included along with the hotel room rate and they most likely won’t have a car. Now everyone else that doesn’t use the Magical Express not only pays for that unused service, but we have to pay to have a car on property.

    People will either be using the Magical Express service OR paying for their car to take up a parking spot, but veeeeeeery few will use both of those things. If they’re going to start charging for a parking spot at the hotel, then why are we also being charged for a bus ride to/from the air port when we’re not using that?

  56. This is my breaking point, so sad, love Disney but I’ve been wanting so see other places, I guess it’s time. After our next trip, im not planning another for a while. I’m just tired of prices constantly increasing, and now this!

  57. Yet another “revenue generation” idea by a corporate bean counter. How about this? Let each executive give up 1% or their compensation and I bet that will more than cover the costs of maintenance and repair for those parking areas.

  58. Got this off the Disney Site:

    Overnight Self-Parking

    Effective for reservations made March 21, 2018 and thereafter, standard overnight self-parking is available to registered Guests for a fee that will be applied to their hotel folio upon check-out. All parking fees include applicable tax.
    Standard Overnight Parking charges per Resort Category:

    Disney Value Resorts: $13 per night
    Disney Moderate Resorts: $19 per night
    Disney Deluxe and Deluxe Villa Resorts: $24 per night
    Complimentary standard parking is available to Guests staying at the Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. Each campsite provides parking space for one (1) motorized vehicle.

  59. I’m starting to get the impression that Disney wants to eliminate families with a median income under $150K/year. If they are trying to force people to use Magical Express instead of renting a car, then they will need to provide better access and more reasonably priced sundries. But what about people who don’t fly to Disney? They are penalizing them. If they think this is a solution to keep people from parking at resorts for free and going to the parks, well, they already have guard houses and dashboard tickets….just enforce that!!! I am an annual passholder that uses Magical Express. I can well afford this change, if I did rent a car, but with all of the recent price increases and nickle and diming (as bad as some of the airlines)…I’m not seeing any increase in customer satisfaction….quite the opposite. I’m hearing stories of decreases in customer service and wide-spread problems with attractions. I am seriously considering NOT renewing my annual pass this year…and spend my money elsewhere.

    1. You go girl, me too!!!!!! This is too much, staying at the deluxe resorts and pay for parking too, as passholders our voices should be heard with the recent increases, CEO getting greedy!!!

      1. That’s cute that you think AP holders have any power. Do some research and you’ll see that you guys don’t bring in enough revenue to matter to them anymore. They also know you’ll whine and complain but still continue to visit the parks. And if you don’t, your spot will be taken by another paying customer. You have no power here.

    2. I agree with you! Prices keep going up with less customer service. I am starting to see some bad business decisions.


    3. Trust me, it won’t be long before they charge for Magical Express as well. Disney has become nothing more than another greed driven conglomerate. The Most Expensive Place On Earth!!

  60. This is ridiculous. True the lots fill up at resorts due to other guests parking for dining, etc. We experienced that at the Beach Club and Animal Kingdom. Wouldn’t it make more sense to charge guests who aren’t staying at a specific resort a fee?

  61. If you stay at one of the top resorts you pay about 350 to 400 dollars for your room. And now they want you to pay for parking. This is just pure and simple greed

  62. I hope they plan on having more buses running then. The night time wait from MK to Pop is long enough as it is.
    And this is why I no longer keep an annual pass.
    Disney is making it impossible for middle class families to vacation there any more.

    1. i have stayed at the Pop for a week and yes, the line from MK after fireworks to get on a bus to the pop is at least 45 min long. But the problem isn’t the number of buses, its the 7-8 minutes PER BUS they take to load the 2 fatties-but-clearly-not-disabled and their scooters. Even if they added 10000 more buses on the line, it will still take 45 minutes to get on one.

      What they COULD do is adding more loading areas instead of 2 (i think only 2 buses can load up at once). But im not sure theres space for that.

  63. I guarantee that Walt is turning over in his grave over this. This is suppose to be the happiest place on Earth.

  64. Folks will “borrow” a handicap pass and skirt the system. This will create issues for those that truly need the handicap parking.

  65. My family of 5 are annual pass holders… we live about 25 min away from Disney… we were planning a Disney vacation but now I’m not sure. It seems like Disney is getting way too greedy and want to charge for EVERYTHING. It’s not the same Disney world I went to when I was a kid. I have always preferred Disney to universal but pretty soon we won’t be able to afford Disney anymore. Soon it will require making over $150k a year to be able to go to Disney world. Walt wanted disney to be for everyone, not just the rich. And yes, I realize they are in business to make money. Of course. But the greed of those in charge isn’t out of control. I think Walt would be disappointed if he saw the money hungry corporation Disney is today.

  66. This is absolutely ridiculous! On top of paying over $2000 for maintenance of annual passes and the fact that each resort stay is incredibly expensive, the bloodsucking corporation wants more.

    Is this the message Disney wants to portray to families who want to stay nearby? They better start looking to compete with their competitors at hotels who don’t charge parking.

  67. Well as a Florida resident with an annual pass who DRIVES to the parks at least every other month and stays on site this is the end. This is nothing but a cash grab. Yet the Magical Express Is free? They should charge for that instead.

  68. how can you charge for over night parking if I dont drive a car and dont need any parking
    Rich Welsh
    arriving on June 3rd 2018, staying at pop cenrury, and I visit almost every other year, without renting/driving a car

  69. Pretty soon we will need to purchase a parking lot hopper ticket so we can utilize more then one parking lot on our vacation.

  70. If I am going to have to pay for parking regardless of whether or not I stay at a Disney resort, I will start staying off resort for a much cheaper rate. The parking fee will probably be great for non Disney resorts, as they will likely see an increase in reservations from people who would have previously stayed on resort.

  71. The funny part – I just recommended Disney since they DON’T do this, but UNIVERSAL does. Holy raising rates all over the place, Disney. DISAPPOINTED!

  72. Well, I must agree with most posters here. I started going as a youngster with a fresh-off-the-press drivers license. WDW could buy the land & build the lots & charge just 50 cents for parking. The MK was staffed with college kids. No more, it’s now a career position & the unionization has led to uber-high employee costs & benefits. Security was nearly non-existent except for a very small WDW security office. The food prices were ridiculously cheap – $2.50 for dinner at the Poly. Compared to prices in the north they were a joke. General admission to the MK stayed at $4.95 through the 70s.

    Yes, as anyone who’s read about, Walt, he wanted a place where dads & moms could take their kids for family fun. When Roy Disney, as a board member, pushed back against Isner, his message was that Uncle Walt would not approve of the price gouging philosophy that had come to pass.

    Today it’s even worse & when you think prices can go no higher, they do. The laws of supply/demand are in full swing, but that doesn’t mean it’s right. I’m a physician & frankly can afford it, but even I avoid the over-the-top prices. It no longer is really a family oriented place, in that an average family simply cannot afford it. I see food prices jump 30% in a year with 2% inflation & am very happy I took my kids to eat in the castle when a kids dinner was $12.95 ….today it’s pushing $60. Are they kidding? Problem is it fills up quickly with parents digging deeper into their pockets, often beyond their means, to give to their kids – but that doesn’t mean it’s right.

    They should strive to make it a happy place for guests, not an experience filled with resentment & over-extending the family budget.

    1. I agree with you Ed. Most people pay with credit card and will end up paying their trip over 2-3-4 years. Drive up there in their 7 year loan $ 50,000 SUV with their brand clothes. In a couple of years it will be 2009 all over again.

  73. Maybe it’s time to sell our DVC ownership, and stop padding Bob Iger’s $3M salary. NO good business reason short of greed to charge for parking at resorts.

  74. Have been going to WDW for 35 years done. Greed has driven me out…just wait..this is by no means the end….when will pay parking start at Disney Springs..ya know it’s coming!!

  75. I think WDW is catering more and more to foreign travelers and less and less to American tourists, especially Florida residents who would be the most likely to drive to the parks. United Kingdom and Ireland citizens can get 7, 14, and 21 day passes that allow unlimited access to all theme parks, water parks, and golf courses for as little as $300. They also get up to 6 nights free at luxury resorts. These tourists are least likely to rent cars, and therefore use Disney transportation exclusively. Judging by the large number of South American tour groups I’ve seen in the last few years, I have to believe they can get equally deep discounts, although I haven’t confirmed this. I live in Tampa and have had annual passes for years. At least I get free parking at the theme parks, but i’ll either stay off site or just make the one-hour trip home each night.

  76. Before you blame cast members with their high wages and demanding benefits, know that I’ve been with the company for going on 18 years. It’s been my second job and my job while going through college and then graduate school. I’ve kept it because I love it but not for the benefits. In my position I get minimum wage and no insurance, no benefits. That’s how it is for MANY of those working out there. Don’t you DARE blame the cast members.

  77. Some day, if they can figure out how to do it, Disney will starting sending people an annual bill for their memories of vacations at the world.

  78. Sorry Walt Disney World, that’s just WRONG! The free parking at the Hotel and complimentary parking at the Parks are WHY we stay on- site ????. Admission prices keep creeping up, $116+ to $137+ depending on the season; parking $22 a car for the parks or you can pay EXTRA for preferred parking at $45; this is not in the spirit of Walt’s vision.

  79. As a Florida resident annual pass holder I am offended that on top of the hundreds of dollars we pay for that and the cost resort packages we will be charged to park our car at the resort. Isn’t the whole purpose of attracting Florida residents to come often to the parks, to get them to drive there from nearby. How else can we get to the parks? Uber?? Free parking should be available to all Florida pass holders. We pay too much already.

    1. I believe they are trying to phase out the entire Fl resident program. Disney is all about the money now they don’t care how Fl residents kept them going during their slower months plus most of us are pass holders.

    2. Free parking at the resort should be for ALL guests, not just residents. Out of towners pay way more.

  80. That is absolutely ridiculous!!! I second Wendy L. Moore’s comment. We LOVE Disney but with the increases in pricing and now the charge for parking that is just WRONG! With this change, I am sure the chain hotels where you can earn points, free breakfast, free WIFI, and free parking will get an amazingly high boost.

  81. Well this is a horrible idea, come on Disney you aren’t making my day very Magical.

  82. Absolutely horrible. I will be giving up my resident passes, they are making it impossible for Fl residents to stay , their prices are outrageous as it it. Universal is a much better deal!!

  83. This is totally wrong don’t you guys have enough money anyways buy how much people go to the park and hotels. My family used to come a lot not we can’t go anymore, thanks Disney for making us not come. Now you guys will actually lose money then to gain money…. so sad

  84. I am calling for a peaceful protest of the Walt Disney World Resort’s greedy actions as a result of the implamentions of the overnight parking fees and other money grab actions that have ruined the magic for guests. I call upon YOU the disappointed Disney Fans – will you come together with and protest for them to back off on their corrupt activities? I am also urging you to contact Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs and tell them you are feed up with Disney!
    #standwithme #stopDisneyGreed #wearethe99percent

  85. Disney’s resort prices are already sky-high compared to off-property…and there is plenty of off-property hotels that also include a free breakfast. Way to drive all the FL Resident passholders ofd property, Disney! I thini next year I’ll get a Universal or Sea World Pass….and I’ve been a Disney Passholder since I moved back to Florida in 2010!!

  86. Ok so what is to stop me from staying off site, driving to a resort as a “day visitor” and taking the bus into the parks to avoid parking there too? Of course I will still go…but I may think twice about staying on property. Are they doing this because no one liked Wrinkle in Time?! haha

    1. More likely to make up lost revenue from the insultingly bad “The Last Jedi”.

  87. That’s not a problem. I can stay at a hotel outside of the world and save even more. Greed has no bounds for the WDW management huh?

  88. People go to Disney to be treated like royalty. I didn’t just want to meet a princess; I wanted to be a princess, too. Why pay thousands of dollars, now, to be treated like unimportant people whose opinions don’t matter? Even what you pay does not guarantee a wonderful experience. There are so many rules and you feel tricked out of money at every turn (ride lines, parking fees, varying ticket prices, inconsistent bus system, and even long lines before rides shut down and no compensation for the time waited, and goodness the maze of a fastpass system, the crowds and potential trampling for shows, etc) I can be treated with little care elsewhere, but for free. Disney can listen to the people, or the people can move onto new places to visit (or create wonderful spaces at home for free- I’m buying a therapy farm and won’t charge parking fees to visitors).

  89. WDW is all about making more money.
    The only thing, they have yet to charge is the air. That we breathe.
    Family of four staying at a low end hotel park is $4000.00 That does not include meals.
    That is insane!!! For that kind of money. Enjoy a cruise and enjoy the meals included in the price of sailing. Plus the service on board ships.

  90. Since Disney is now charging for overnight parking at their resorts to mimic the “Other Resorts” in the area, that only tells me that they aspire to be as good as them! Obviously I’ve been spending my hard earned money at the wrong resort! It’s time to look into the “Other Resorts!” Thanks for the tip Disney!

  91. All Disney goers should make this go viral on face book and all other media & demand they retract or boycotting should be in order until they submit!!!! ????????????

    1. That trick never works in such cases. Disney has 25,000 hotel rooms, which will equate to over $4 million a week. The minor ‘hit’ they would take would be minimal in comparison & soon die out anyway, while the parking revenues continues to flow in. Besides, they are usually booked 6 months in advance, so there are plenty standing in line to take your place.
      The only power we have, which is minimal, is to complain & complain and let them know how mad it makes their guests. ….then we could (but not likely) win the PR battle, but they can just drop the ‘extra’ change & raise room rates another $25.

  92. So if l’m paying for the parking I guess I can use as may spots as I see fit. The last time we were there, there was a truck taking up four spots the three days we were there. What are they going to do about that problem.

  93. People should start waking up before it’s too late. People complain about over reach and greed of corporations but continue to feed money to them. Here is the thing as people continue to make excuses for large corporations they continue their efforts to feed their greed to them they can do no wrong and they keep pushing the envelope with just what they can get away with before people get too pissed. Meanwhile they keep buying the networks you like to watch, the news press you rely on for news. So soon almost all news press and main stream media will controlled by the major corporations. They will set the tempo for what is acceptable or not. Read up on Disney and the things they do. Is this a company you want to continue feeding money to?

    As corporations get stronger and buy out more and more companies the more they control prices on things people wait too long it will be hard to fight back and right now the best way to fight is be aware of where your money goes We are at an age where our loudest and most effective voice is our wallets. If we wait too long it will get much harder as time goes on.

    1. We made reservations in June. We were told about the fees and we registered as Pass holders. I can confirm that pass holders are going to be charged. We stay in the Cabins at Fort Wilderness Camp Grounds, which each has their own parking space… which in my view is part of the rental… and nobody can use the space if it is rented. They have the audacity to charge $19 per day per vehicle… We were literally on the phone an hour ago. The rep did tell me they are logging complaints whenever anyone calls and objects. So, by all means make your discontent known

  94. This is so Disney. I will never buy DVC points or stay on property. Disney is greedy.
    I will not visit Disney parks or stay at any Disney park hotels!!!!

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