Imagineering Job Opening Confirms Changes at Wonders of Life in Epcot

An internal job posting has revealed that the interior of the former Wonders of Life pavilion is about to get a complete makeover.

The job posting, titled “Interior Designer – EC Wonder of Life,” is seeking candidates that have commercial design experience, primarily in the Retail or Hospitality sectors, and a minimum of 3 years of experience at Walt Disney Imagineering or another architecture or interior design firm. The candidate must also have an understanding of construction details, “particularly casework detailing,” according to the posting.

One of the main responsibilities of the job is the “design and production of a shop/restaurant or attraction” under the direction of a Senior or Principal Interior Designer.

Additional responsibilities of the job include the development of varied Interior Design project work at all stages of assigned projects from concept, feasibility or schematic design, through the preparation of construction documentation in accordance with established departmental and divisional quality standards. The candidate will also support the implementation of the design intent as a member of the project design team, and ensure that the interior design intent is achieved by successfully integrating design with allied disciplines, such as architecture, lighting, graphics, structural engineering, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing.

Based on this, it appears that, after the roof work is completed at Wonders of Life, the interior of the pavilion will be getting much more than just a refresh of what is already present. Whether this is for a new attraction, shop, and/or restaurant, or simply a revamped and custom-designed Festival Center, is yet to be revealed.

8 thoughts on “Imagineering Job Opening Confirms Changes at Wonders of Life in Epcot”

  1. Very Happy they are finally utilizing this space. With the Guardians of the Galaxy Coaster right night door. perhaps. utilizing a Disney IP, wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. They have the ride system in place for Body Wars. I would just change it out and create a new attraction out of it. I think Disney’s Inside Out would be awesome in that spot. It was already used for Body Wars and Wonders of Life. maybe Make a Simulator ride based on feelings with the Inside Out group. Make it educational. Just called it “the wonders of life, featuring Pixar’s Inside out” Kids would like it, Parents won’t mind it occupying their children for a bit.

      • No, the simulators are still there, they’ve just been using the parts from them to repair the Star Tours Sims. So they can just replace those parts and they’ll be good to go.

        • Actually, the simulators are long gone. Two of the bays are being used for storage, and the other ones haven’t really been touched since the sims were removed

  2. Job could be for a Space restaurant since it mentioned retail and hospitality. I doubt it’s going be an Wankada attraction.

      • You’re just talking crazy Disney 1023, why would they ever consider putting a space restaurant next to a pre-existing space themed attraction?

  3. there also was a post for “PH – Interior Designer SR – Epcot Fix It”. Didn’t get to click the link before it was taken down – wonder if this is related or something different?

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