Front entrance sign for the Disney Store in Time Square.

PHOTOS: Take a Tour of the NYC Disney Store in Times Square

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The Disney Store in Times Square is a great place to get your Disney fix when visiting New York City.

We recently took a trip out to the “Big Apple” and had to make some time in our schedule to see a little Disney magic. Join us on a tour through one of the largest and most unique Disney shopping destinations in the world.

Welcome Home

Front entrance sign for the Disney Store in Time Square.

There’s something so familiar and welcoming about a giant Disney sign when you’re in a new and unfamiliar place.

No time to stand around, let’s go right on in.

New York specific merchandise in Time Square

Upon entering, a display of New York specific items were immediately visible. Let’s see what we’ve got here.

A Minnie Mouse Statue of Liberty plush

This exclusive Minnie Mouse Statue of Liberty plush is adorable.

There’s more… Shirts, statues, tumblers, Tsum Tsums, you name it.

Lots of love for Minnie Mouse here in New York.

The Dead Center of the Room

Big Mickey and Minnie statues are prominently displayed in the center of the store. Let’s check out the merchandise.

This entire section of the store is dedicated to all things Frozen and Moana.

Must… resist… the urge to buy.

Like the Disney Animators’ Collection? You’re in luck, there’s tons of products here, even outfits for little ones.

Try finding room in your luggage to take this bad boy home.

There’s an entire wall dedicated to the new Disney Infinity-inspired ToyBox action figures. Don’t mind Dory as she photobombs over by the Toy Story figures.

Looks like a line of figures for Avengers: Infinity War was recently released.

But Wait, There’s More

Space is rather limited in Manhattan, so you’ve gotta go vertical to go big.

An elevator themed to Tangled, along with a slew of Disney cameos guides guests up towards the second floor.

The nicest escalator in all of New York.

Peter Pan and Mary Poppins.

A Whole New Floor

Step off the escalator and you’ll be greeted by a display of Ufufy; Tsum Tsums cuter counterpart.

The grand view of the second floor!

It appears that Hong Kong’s castle has been temporarily relocated to New York…

Who would have guessed that directly behind a castle is the perfect place to set up shop…

As Tamatoa would say, “Shiny!”

If these walls could talk…

Star Wars Merchandise

Here we have the obligatory Star Wars section of the store. Nothing we haven’t seen before, but the displays are pretty neat.

At least this Storm Trooper doesn’t march up and down the store seven times a day.

Other Magic (Stuff)

As with every Disney Store, here is the section where kids can participate in activities, as well as queue up shows and songs from the giant interactive screen to be played throughout the store.

An assortment of apparel for babies.

Until Next Time

Heading back down the escalator offers another opportunity to spot hidden characters among the trees and walls.

Some additional New York City merchandise right before the exit.

I wanted this shirt, but they only offer it in women sizes.

Generic, but lovable, Walt quote as you exit.

A shot of the outside of the store later at night.

Yes, the screens change constantly, so every picture is something new.

Mickey pancakes? Blasphemy.

Goodbye, Times Square!

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3 years ago

Wondering how the prices were compared to other Disney stores? Times Square is notorious for over-inflating prices.

3 years ago

I’m shocked that the New York section of MGM never got a replica NYC Disney Store with Pressler and Eisner in charge. If this place adds 4 rides it can be Hollywood Studis Northest

James Edward
James Edward
3 years ago

No collectables, nice T shirts or Disney art is available at Disney stores. Seems like just kids stuff and plush.