PHOTOS, VIDEO: New “Politically Correct” Redhead Scene Debuts in Pirates of the Caribbean at Walt Disney World

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Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom reopened today after being closed for a few weeks, debuting the new, “culturally sensitive” auction scene. The new scene replaces the original scene which had been a part of the ride since it opened in 1973 (and as originally envisioned by Walt Disney and the legendary imagineers who first created the attraction at Disneyland in 1967).

The new scene is an auction of goods. The Redhead has been recast as a Pirate named Redd here, with the larger woman in the scene now holding a chicken that is being auctioned off. Classic lines were completely removed in the change, such as:

  • “We wants the redhead!”
  • “What be I offered for this winsome wench?”
  • “What are ya’, sellin’ her by the pound?”
  • “Shift yer cargo dearie, show ’em your larboard side.”

The Auctioneer was completely re-recorded with a new voice as the scene was drastically rewritten to meet the new story needs.

Here is a video of the new scene (you can watch it here if it doesn’t show up below):

So, what do you think of this new scene?

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  • Impressed with the turnaround .. looks fine. Audio sounds meh, don’t love it. Will see it in person on Friday !

  • Aesthetically it looks and sounds great.. BUT, this change never needed and never should’ve happened. Completely unnecessary and just not as good as the original. There are some things you just don’t change

  • Give me a break. The old scene is what pirates did in those days. Just another example of Disney caving into “Political Correctness”.

    • Like the est of the ride is historically accurate? Glad they left that historically accurate mermaid skeleton.

      • Typical dope response. The Mermaids and fantasy elements were only added as they started making the Pirates movies in the 2000s.

        The Wench Auction and the bulk of the elements were the same since the ride opened in 1971 in Walt Disney World.

        Your spurious debate point holds no relevance. It just shows that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • And all of your blathering shows your a stunted man-child obsessing over a theme park ride. Your parent must be so proud!

    • I wonder if Disney was “caving into political correctness,” or are they leading the charge? I doubt that there were many complaints from guests or activists. I suspect that it is the Disney execs themselves who are the political correctness activists.

    • You’re right. The ride should definitely show more “true” pirate behavior, for accuracy sake. Instead of Jack Sparrow at the end, it should be the hardcore rape scene with the redhead crying out for someone to save her.

      It’s not political correctness. It’s the fact that parents should feel safe to take their kids to a Disney park and not have to explain to them why a woman is being is sold like property, and what they’re being sold into.

    • Oh Pete, you know they didn’t mean you specifically. No one cares what you think, sweet cheeks.

      • Pete stop making up other names so it looks like people think you actually have a valid opinion.

        • It’s funny that you accuse others of making up names to try to validate their opinions when you are doing exactly that. Nice try small fry.

          • You might want to make sure you don’t use the same insults you always do when switching between screen names, little Petey poo

  • It really is amazing how many pirate historians there are in the Disney fan community. The original ride scene was probably not historically accurate either. I don’t think they would have auctioned the women. They’d probably just rape them and leave them for dead–shall we include that scene so we have complete accuracy?

    • Thank you for that history lesson. I was quite unaware of the amount of debauchery that pirates partook in until I read your insipid comment.

  • Her voice just doesn’t see to fit, really still could have them say “We wants the red head” and should could have taken a shot at them.

    • Now *that* would be some serious girl power. Better still would be if the targets were a rotating cast of overwrought Disney bloggers and Twitterati.

  • Oh my god…. evolved is not PC.

    As someone who champions female jousters, I also applaud this. Not because I’m “PC” (whatever that bullshit really means), but because I know that there are young girls that don’t want to be princesses and want to be Knights or pirates. Good on you Disney!!!

  • While a relatively simple reimagining, for a first-timer, I think it does a nice job reinventing the story and making it more enjoyable for more parties. I was just at Disneyland Paris, and while I don’t speak much French – the scene, being new to me, and on a version I had never been on, felt like it belonged.

    Of course, if we’re upset about it — a better scene could be Red, the pirate, and her all female pirate crew, exchanging pirate insults and pirate slurs across the canal at the disheveled, unwashed group of Disney Bloggers who are so privileged they put quotation marks around phrases like politically correct and culturally sensitive.

    Wait… I meant “disheveled, unwashed group of pirates.”

  • Looking forward to either annoying or amusing people in my boat with shouts of “We want the redhead!”. It’ll fit right in with singing “If you had wings” on the Buzz Lightyear ride.

  • Wait a minute, you’re telling me they made a minor change to a theme park ride and the world didn’t get sucked into a black hole ending all life as we know it?!

  • PC culture is killing everything. Absolutely pathetic and totally our fault for letting this crap happen.

  • “Mommy what is Rum?” Go ask your Father. Ha! Now we just have to wait and read all the complaints from a new group of PC’ers.

  • This was totally unnecessary. What is so wrong with the original, the way Disney wanted it? It amazes me what Disney is doing with re-imaging their standards. I am sure it is not going to stop with only the Pirates, there will be others. Just who is making all these stupid decisions, just to please and make changes so they have political correctness. Give me the original back.

  • I think it’s stupid, should have left it alone. But must have hurt someone’s feelings.

  • I really can’t stomach the Disney hypocrisy…the bust of Cosby was removed from HS (for his alleged inappropriate behavior), and this scene was re-done for political correctness…yet they have no issue including Trump in the Hall of Presidents (after his infamous video vis a vis groping women). Talk about inconsistency?!?

  • How terrible of Disney to cave in to these crazy liberals who force everything to their version of political correctness! This scene of human trafficking was one of my favorites growing up! It really is great to see so many others in support of the old version of the women being sold off to be raped! This is a terrible new scene that shows young girls that women can be displayed in a make-believe scene having some sort of power and are in charge of selling “goods”. I’m sure this will be a total flop and guests will no long visit this ride! Sad!

    • Come to Universal they have a new ride the Fast and Furious Supercharged that takes place on a party bus and shows no respect to women at all.

  • Love it! Gald to see the infamous redhead getting some fun dialog.

    I think it’s hilarious that people think the original was historically accurate. It definitely was not. Pirates didn’t sell women. It was considered very bad luck to have a woman aboard a pirate ship, and they were often killed and/or thrown overboard if someone on the crew tried to sneak them on.

    The exception of course being Anne Bonny, pirate legend. One crew member suggested throwing her overboard and she stabbed him to death.

    Were there this many fragile Disney fanboys crying when they changed the other scene? Originally, there was a pirate chasing around a frightened women. The implication was that he was going to rape her. So they changed it to the women defending herself and chasing the pirate away.

    • They are not on a ship they are pillaging. That is what pirates do. They are selling the women before they get back on the boat. There was no need to change it was great. Suck Disney gives in to this crap. Now everyone will tell stories of how it should look and how it was originally. The people who think this is a great idea are the ones who think everyone should get trophies when there are losers. We are getting soft as Americans!

  • When I’m the owner of Disney, this tragedy will be undone and I will put the wench auction back where it belongs, make the pirates chase wenches again, and banish Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, and Davy Jones from the attraction. I will stand up to the PC police and even release Song of the South on Blu Ray to rub it in their faces. The swamp will be drained and I will make Pirates of the Caribbean great again in honor of the late X Atencio. Hopefully the PC police will then declare war and boycott all Disney products to the point of picketing and demonstrating outside the gates and Burbank.

  • As a fangirl I’m happy about this. It has bothered me since my early teens that the redhead acted so flattered by the men who wanted to make her their slave. It’s not about being PC. It’s about not wanting to feel grossed out on a Disney ride.

    • The redhead actually had plans to become a pirate after she was bought. In Disneyland’s version, there’s a painting of her as a pirate in the cave sequence, hinting that she overthrew her captain and joined the life of piracy. It wasn’t that she was flattered. She wanted to manipulate them.

    • Then go to Universal!!! Its all about the wimpy PC culture that breeds nonsense like this…..

  • This is ridiculous. There was no need for a change, and a horrible change at that. I am a woman, and this used to be my favourite scene. It was humorous and campy, which it was meant to be.

    This is going the ways of the new Disney movies; boring, overly targeted at children, and too pc that they are unbearable.

    No one was getting “raped” in the scene. People are so damn sensitive. If it was offensive to you, don’t go on the ride!! I am not a fanboy, I am a strong, independent, and confident woman, and I find nothing offensive in that scene. She is using her sexuality as a tool, she’s in on the joke, she clearly had the power. Why can little girls only look up to a woman if she is in a man’s role? ie. now a pirate part of the “auction”. Why are they auctioning off goods anyways? They steal and plunder. Stupid.

    Yes, I know there were female pirates, so don’t start with the comments. Why not add in a different female pirate and leave this scene as it was?

    Also, why did she get a total downgrade in the looks department? “Girls, now that she’s ugly and overweight, and in a mans role, it’s ok to idolize her”.

    The voice acting is the icing on the cake. Ugh.

    • I could not agree more.. people need to relax. ITS NOT A REAL PERSON…. ITS NOT A REAL PLACE.. ITS NOT REAL LIFE…. its just a fun ride… I always thought it was funny the women getting chased and I thought the red head was cool because she was acting confident …. UGH folks relax… GEEZ…

    • I was weirded out by that scene as a kid and asked my mom about it. My mom does not mince words she said “That’s not how it actually happened” and kind of vaguely explained rape to me. You can have your opinion about whether she should have or not but the ride triggered the conversation. I’m sure that happens enough to make the scene worth changing. I don’t get why it matters if they take the chains off the women and change a sign…

  • Do we really want true pirate behavior for entertainment in a family park? They brutally tortured, dismembered, and raped ppl. Prob not a good idea guys. So if the ride isnt historically accurate, its ok.

    • True pirate are in that pirate series called Blacks Sails. .. I dont see anything from Black Sails in this ride thank god HAHA!!

  • Maybe they can rename it “Boy Scouts of the Caribbean.” I believe one of the creators of the ride called it this in jest because he thought the original was too p.c.


    **of course sponsored by T-Public, the official t-shirt and merchandise sponsor of WDWNT**

    We wants the Red-hen!

  • Disney ruined what was my favorite ride in Magic Kingdom. This change was unwelcome and unneeded. PC nonsense at its worst. The scene is awkward and quite frankly, poorly conceived and written. Auctioning off chickens? I think Disney is a victim of their own stupidity on this one.

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