REVIEW: Eat Your Greens Festival Marketplace at the 2018 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

Eat Your Greens is new this year, and may be the biggest surprise of the festival.

Grilled Asparagus Caesar Salad, $5.50

This turned out to be a great dish. It’s really just steamed asparagus, served cold with Caesar dressing and some croutons, but that’s certainly a preparation method for asparagus I would have never though up. We liked it, but then again, it’s something so simple you can make it at home.

Compressed Asian Cucumbers with Green Sauce, Toasted Almonds and Sea Beans, $6.00

This made our Top 7 new items at the festival list. These cucumbers were probably the biggest surprise of the festival. While I don’t typically like cucumbers, the spicy sauce and the freshness of the ingredients made them fantastic. I don’t even know what sea beans are, but they were a nice accompaniment.

Lolea, No. 2 Sparkling Frizzante White Sangria, Spain, $9.00

In years past, we really liked some of the floats and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic concoctions Disney created for this festival. This year, however, only one of those stood out for us (the Popcorn Cocktail), while the rest were generally forgettable (or downright awful). This sangria was featured at the “Eat Your Greens” booth as a mixed cocktail with Beet Kombucha, but we much preferred it alone. An artisanal sangria made with high quality Airen and Moscatel white wine, fresh orange and lemon juice, and a touch of vanilla. This sangria is not pasteurized in order to conserve all the characteristics of the wine, and to give it a fizzy touch which makes for a refreshing and enjoyable drink. This simple off-the-shelf bottled white sangria was able to make it into our Top 7 new items simply because many of the other alcoholic fdrinks were that bad. This was much better than White Sangrias we had tried at either U.S. Disney property.

Beet Kombucha Sangria, $9.50

If you like beets you’ll probably like this. It wasn’t horrible, but the sangria alone is so good that the beet kombucha kind of ruins it.