REVIEW: Epcot’s Electric Umbrella Makes Jolting Changes to Menu

We stopped by Electric Umbrella in Future World at Epcot this weekend to check out a few new items on the menu. In the past, Electric Umbrella has been one of the ‘safety’ restaurants for those picky eaters visiting Epcot. There’s always going to be a relatively safe pizza, burger, and chicken nuggets option here. With that being said, recent menu changes at Electric Umbrella have been relatively favorable. The current menu shake-up brings forth a Mojo Pulled Pork Burger, a Brisket Sandwich, a Vegetable Quinoa Salad, and a Pina Colada.

Mojo Pulled Pork Burger served with French Fries – $12.99

The burger literally smells like Electric Umbrella, but tastes pretty good. Pulled pork is served on top of your standard Disney quick service burger. This time there’s a healthy dollop of mojo sauce to join and pair everything together. Surprisingly enough the sandwich works well and isn’t inedible, despite being on the standard Disney burger bun. The burger we had was well cooked and the pork added the extra juice and flavor needed to win us over. It’s not the worst counter service burger at Walt Disney World.

Brisket Sandwich with Beer Cheese Sauce and French Fries – $10.99


The beer cheese sauce on top of the brisket appeared to be the same old cheddar cheese sauce that was removed from Disney condiment bars years ago. There was nothing distinguishable about the taste to say it’s ‘beer cheese’ compared to a regular cheese sauce. Basically, it sounds more interesting than it actually is.

Anyway, the brisket was piled high on the bun making for a difficult first bite that was all cheese. After the lactose overload, everything seemed to work well together. The only problem we really had with this sandwich was that the cheese had the texture of sitting under a heat lamp for an hour, in that it had a solid top layer covering a gelatinous undercarriage.

Vegetable Quinoa Salad – Cauliflower, Carrots, Cabbage, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, and Edamame with Agave Lime Dressing – $9.99

A relatively large portion and an attractive looking dish. The salad was topped with large portions of each of the aforementioned ingredients. They surprisingly worked very well together and will certainly make a light and refreshing choice for a meal with the upcoming summer months, but you can do better with a counter service salad in this park. We’ll show you how in a review later this week.

Pina Colada – $9.50

Not sure what we were expecting with a quick service pina colada, but what we got was a pretty standard version. So in that case I guess it is above expectations. The alcohol is mixed-in after the slushy is poured from the machine, and it’s not mixed well. With hundreds of better options for adult beverages in this park, and even a number of better options for frozen blended alcoholic beverages, why are you drinking at Electric Umbrella?

Kid’s Three-Cheese Flatbread – $6.79

The kids meals at Walt Disney World are generally a great value. Not only do you get the entree, but two sides AND a drink. At specific locations, like Electric Umbrella, this means unlimited refills. The flatbread itself wasn’t anything to write home about, and your child may not find the fresh mozzarella cheese as favorable as we did (or maybe they will). For less than $7 (yeah, seven), you get half of someone else’s flatbread, a bag of apples, a drink, and a chocolate chip cookie. It’s a pretty decent deal.

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