REVIEW: New Chili Cheese Fries, Lamb Burger, and Other Menu Updates at The Edison, Disney Springs

We visited The Edison this past weekend to check-in and see how the restaurant has been running since the first few weeks, plus we wanted to see if we could order the now-legendary Lamb Burger during dinner. The Lamb Burger is served during lunch and the late evening hours, but isn’t on the actual dinner menu. Having previously enjoyed the burger, and after speaking to our server, we were able to order the spectacular entree. Our server also recommended a new item not on the menu for us to try: Chili Cheese Fries. We were going to get the Electri-fries anyway, so it seemed like an interesting idea. Chili isn’t on the regular Edison menu so we were excited to see what the kitchen cooked up. We also revisited a few cocktails that we’ve had in the past to see how consistent things have been.

Let’s discuss some menu changes. Last time we were at The Edison was 1/24/2018. We reviewed numerous cocktails due to a major shakeup in the list as well as many food items.

  • DB Clothesline Candied Bacon is up to $15 now, previously $13.
  • Jumbo Lump Crabcake soars to $34, previously being $28.
  • The 28 Day Day-Aged Prime Rib bone-in option was removed, leaving only the boneless option and cutting the portion size from 18oz down to 14oz…. oh, and raising the price $5 (up from $29)
  • The Centennial Steak is at $36 now, up two dollars from $34.

We already felt that the bacon was overpriced. Our past review said that while the crab cakes were unbelievably good they were on the teetering edge of not being worth $28. They’re definitely not worth the $34 now. The Edison is getting its footing at the springs, which means prices fluctuate, but there are some major differences from just over a month ago.

On a happier note, drink prices didn’t change and they’re still as fantastic as ever. Pictured here is the Time Turner ($14) and a Unibroue beer on draft. We spoke at length in our Enzo’s Hideaway review how consistency is important in a restaurant. If you order a great drink somewhere and return, you expect that drink to be just as good as last time. The Edison has this down to a science and we strongly encourage trying their specialty cocktails.

Chili Cheese Fries – $14.00

These were honestly really good. The Edison has been changing their french fries frequently, ranging from shoestring fries to large wedges. We hope they settled on this in-between fry, they’re large enough to have a mashed potato filling without being too large. While chili wasn’t presented on top of the fries, like most incarnations of this dish, it was below all of the toppings and cheese. I want to point this out since this could lead to you having an irrational fight with someone on social media who is offended by your use of the term “chili cheese fries” to describe these.

The entire dish was served steaming hot, and the chili arrived tasting fresh from the pot. A perfect blend of meat and beans, with a great spicy kick on the back. The cheese and other toppings brought the entire dish together making for a really great appetizer. For $14 it’s also quite a bit of food, we found ourselves struggling to finish it between three people (annual passholders).

Grass-Fed Lamb Burger – Creamy Goat Cheese, Cucumber Slaw, and Tzatziki Sauce served with Fries – $19.00

Typically this burger is only served for lunch and the late night hours, which is a shame because it’s seriously one of the best burgers at Walt Disney World. The lamb is expertly molded into a patty with numerous spices and then cooked to perfection. The meat is so tender that it seems to melt in your mouth. There’s a great dollop of goat cheese on the top of the burger above the cucumber slaw as well as a few pickles below the burger. Overall it’s a heavenly creation and deserves to be on every menu here. If you find yourself at The Edison and are looking for a great burger and The Edison Burger just won’t cut it, ask your server if it’s possible to order the lamb burger. You won’t regret it.