PHOTOS: Toy Story Mania Third Track Side Exit Takes Shape

In January we told you that Toy Story Mania was going to have major work done ahead of the Toy Story Land opening. This construction is in preparation for the new entrance to the attraction, through the backside of the current building. That back will soon be the front as the entrance shifts into Toy Story Land. When the land’s model premiered in Walt Disney Presents we finally got confirmation that a side exit would be built, jutting out from the current 3rd track exit of the ride. When visiting Hollywood Studios this past weekend we saw the first signs of construction at the soon-to-be exit of the third track.

Here are some pictures of the Toy Story Land model to give reference points. Here you can see the side exit, appearing as a cardboard box.

The path from the exit winds alongside the building back to Woody’s Lunchbox quick service.

These pictures were taken from the end of Pixar Place, within Guest areas. This will all become a backstage corridor once Toy Story Land opens, so the view from this angle won’t matter in three months. A main structure is already built for the exit to the third track. It’s nowhere near finished, as obvious by the exposed steel.

The upward slant of the structure appears to be a flap on a cardboard box, as shown in the concept model.

The June 30th opening for Toy Story Land is just over 3 months away, there’s a LOT of work left to complete.

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