REVIEW: Pongu Pongu in Pandora – The World of AVATAR Changes Menu Again, New Colossal Pretzel

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Even thought we just reviewed the new offerings at Pongu Pongu Refreshments in Pandora: The World of AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the menu has already changed again…

The Viperwolf Claw and the Moara Coffee Cake, which we reviewed last time and absolutely loved, are both gone. New to the menu is a Colossal Pretzel with Cheese Sauce.

Colossal Pretzel with Cheese Sauce ($10.49)

It is what you would come to expect if you’ve had the giant pretzel from Germany in Epcot.

That being said, this exceeded exceptions and was sold in a much fresher state than the ones we have had elsewhere. I’m not usually a fan of the park pretzels, but this was served almost out of the oven and because of that was warm and doughy. If they were always served this fresh, I would make ordering these a more regular occurrence in my park visits. Obviously, it is also big enough to share between a small family, not a bad value for $10.49.

Cinnamon Roll ($3.99)

Nothing says Pandora like a regular cinnamon roll…

First of all, why they can’t just cut these like the Viperwolf Claw is beyond me. Secondly, serving it in paper isn’t really working because all of the toppings just stick to the bag and come off of the cinnamon roll.

Here’s a pic of all of the toppings that stuck to the bag.

Other than the shape, it is the same as the Viperwolf Claw, a rather enjoyable treat. While not as big and doughy as a Magic Kingdom version, this was fresh, crispy, and had a really nice flavor when the frosting was actually there. It was less like a theme park pastry and more like something you would pick up in a New York bakery, if that makes any sense. Either way, I still recommend this for a quick breakfast snack. Note that it is also available at the cart near the Navi River Journey attraction and is not listed on either menu.

Now to start a marketing campaign to bring back the Moara Coffee Cake…

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Bob Iger’s brother in law
Bob Iger’s brother in law

That’s a gas station cinnamon roll. And I should know, I live at a WaWa.

Mike H
Mike H

Wish they would’ve stuck to the “themed” treats at Pongu Pongu.. everything is themed well on the menu and then “colossal pretzel”. Looks out of place.


Next they’ll add Prince Eric’s fried chicken to the menu