The Citrus Swirl Returns to the Magic Kingdom Due to Popular Demand

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Apparently enough guests complained after we broke the news that the Citrus Swirl was gone from the Sunshine Tree Terrace at the Magic Kingdom, because it is already back.

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The Citrus Swirl now inexplicably lives alongside the renamed “Orange Cream” options. Sure, the Orange Soft-serve by itself is Vegan, but the vanilla is still not. So, why you would need two items so similar in taste on the menu is beyond me, and whatever problem Disney was trying to solve with the change is now unsolved.

Either way, the Citrus Swirl is back in Adventureland.

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  • It’s a response to the parking. Here, here, just take the citrus swirl back! Don’t yell at us anymore!

  • Something is wrong with this news. We were at the park 2 weeks ago and had a Citrus Swirl. The thing that was NOT available was the Orange Cream Cup, because that is what we went to get but it was not there. So is this old news, or perhaps you meant to say “Orange Cream Cup”? Or perhaps they just changed the menu but it’s what has been there for a little while now. In any case, it was good but we didn’t like it as much as what we had originally wanted and it seems to melt much quicker being just kind of a frozen slushy.

  • They really aren’t that similar in taste. The citrus is pure frozen orange juice. It is very, very tart. The orange soft serve, on the other hand, is much sweeter and can be consumed by itself. Having both makes perfect sense.

  • If they take away the Florida orange juice they should get rid of the Orange Bird too. I do not even want to know what Dole orange is but it sounds like some fake Hawaii thing like Stitch who was made in Florida at MGM

        • Stitch the movie was made in Florida at MGM so none of it is real Hawaiian like Dole Orange it looks and sounds authentic but it is not.
          I was alluding that they should retire the Orange Bird character that was created for the original sponser of Tropical Serenade/Tiki room; the Florida Citrus Comminison, if they no longer have real citrus in the product.

  • Geez. I was there on Wednesday, two days ago, and did not have the option of the citrus swirl. Damn. I had the other twice this week. The first day I asked for a small sample, said okay to a full cup, and the cm gave it to me for free!

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