Mickey from the Disney Babies plush line

PHOTOS: Additional Characters Added To Disney Babies Line of Plushes At Disney Parks

Disney Merchandising has been on a roll with their overhaul of the Disney Babies plush line. Originally, the design had baby versions of Disney characters (even some villains) wrapped up like a burrito in little themed blankets. The line now has the plushes stored in a “stork bundle”, and I personally find it more endearing.

Mickey from the Disney Babies plush line Minnie from the Disney Babies plush linePluto from the Disney Babies plush line

The second wave brings with it Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse along with Pluto. I absolutely love Pluto’s downy fur and charming expression. Both Mickey and Minnie’s blankets have pictures of their pets, Pluto and Figaro, on them, with Mickey pictured on Pluto’s blanket.

Stitch from the Disney Babies plush lineAngel from the Disney Babies plush line

Stitch, with Scrump pictured on his blanket, and Angel, Stitch pictured on hers, from the Lilo and Stitch series are also included. I am pleased to see Angel is getting more merchandise recognition in the States. She is relatively popular in items overseas.

Winnie the Pooh from the Disney Babies plush line

My favorite of the new Disney Babies is, by far, Winnie the Pooh, who has Piglet on his blanket accompanied by bees, has the same fur fabric as Pluto with such a simple, yet pleasant, expression on his face. It took a lot of will power not to take one home with me.

I spotted these plushes along with the first wave (some of which are seen in this photo report, which means they are also at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World) at the Disneyland Resort in World of Disney at the Downtown Disney District, as well as Big Top Toys on Buena Vista Street in California Adventure. I did not manage to make it into Disneyland, but I believe they are also at the Emporium on Main Street, USA. Each of the Disney Babies plushes cost $26.99.

Which one is your favorite?

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