Hot Toys Reveals “Avengers: Infinity War” Line Of Collectible Figures (Spoilers)

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Hot Toys recently unveiled its collectible figure line at Festival Walk in Hong Kong, Japan and boy, do some of these images give us a lot of SPOILERS, especially a really big Iron Spider SPOILER!



OK, proceed with CAUTION!

From Hot Toys:

“Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years” and “Avengers: Infinity War” Exhibition Powered by Hot Toys @ Festival Walk, Hong Kong
Over the past decade, Marvel Studios has wowed legions of fans with live-action exploits of its heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In celebrating the upcoming release of Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War arriving less than 2 weeks, Hot Toys has prepared its spectacular limited time Marvel events, with first stop in Hong Kong at Festival Walk, from April 14 to May 8, 2018!
Ten ground breaking newly developed life-sized statues are making their debut including the cunning warload Thanos, who stands at 2.5 metres tall, is fighting against Marvel’s mightiest Super Heroes – Captain America, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Star Lord, Thor, Groot, Rocket, Iron Spider and the astonishing 3.3 metres tall Hulkbuster.
The eye-catching 1/6 th scale Iron Spider, Hulkbuster and Outrider collectible figures are firstly shown at the event, with a number of recently debuted 1/6 th scale collectible figures from Avengers: Infinity War , including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Groot, Rocket, Black Widow and Thanos, which bring their new look and weapons for fans to enjoy up close in person. What’s more, the phenomenal life-sized and 1/4th scale Infinity Gauntlet collectibles are definitely the must-seen exhibits!
In addition, three eye-catching jumbo sized Cosbaby statues featuring Iron Spider, Iron Man and Groot along with the Cosbaby Bobble-head collectibles will join this awesome event.
An unforeseen 6-metre-tall Mark 50 battle suit newly designed by Tony Stark to fight Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War is detailed crafted by Hot Toys, which will surely be another awesome photo checkpoint!
The exclusive Hot Toys Pop-up Store is a dream destination for Avengers fans of all ages. Offering an irresistible selection of must-have merchandise, featuring approximate 40 newly launched Hot Toys’ COSBABY Bobble-Head collectibles, the specially designed Avengers-themed merchandises including key chains, plush, stationeries, T-shirts and many more! Fans in town can now take home all the excitement of “Avengers: Infinity War” at the Pop-up Store!
This exhibition will be a unique occasion to discover the continuously expending Marvel Cinematic Universe and is sure to be the talk of the town! More Hot Toys’ Avengers: Infinity War themed events are coming up soon, please stay tuned for more updates!
Source: Hot Toys

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