Join WDWNT on May 5th for Hollywood Studios Appreciation Day!

On Saturday, May 5th, WDWNT staff and fans will gather to celebrate the park most guests just never seem to appreciate. But we do! Like WDWNT events in the past, Hollywood Studios Appreciation Day will feature group rides, a challenging game that will take us all over the park, group meals and photos, and of course, great prizes!

What can you look forward to at Hollywood Studios Appreciation Day? Plenty!

We’ll meet around park opening and head into the Studios for group rides on the Tower of Terror, Star Tours, and Muppet-Vision 3-D. Afterward, we’ll stop for a group photo in front of the Muppet Fountain to commemorate the day.

After a group counter-service lunch, we’ll kick off The Valiant Hollywood Mystery Tour! This fun game is a two-part scavenger hunt run by WDWNT Staff. You’ll need to unlock the code to decipher clues that will lead you to your scavenger hunt destinations throughout the park.

Attendees will regroup at 8pm for The Great Movie Ride Memorial Meet-Up, where we’ll declare the winners of the game at the Hollywood Mystery Tour prize presentation ceremony. At 8:45pm, we’ll catch Disney Movie Magic & Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular.

And don’t be surprised if we add one or two more activities to the schedule! So join us – you haven’t appreciated Hollywood Studios until you’ve appreciated it live with WDWNT!

Registration is only $7 (yeah, seven!) for adults and $3.50 for children ages 3-15 (park admission not included). WIGS members receive discounted admission.

Register here, and we’ll see you at the movies…


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