Marvel Night for Disneyland Paris Annual Passholders Announced

Yesterday, Disneyland Paris announced in an e-mail to Annual Passholders that the next AP-night will be held on July 7, 2018. This time, it will be themed to Marvel. The night is exclusively for Magic Plus and Infinity Annual Passholders, the two highest categories. Passholders can bring up to two people during the event. Tickets go on sale on sale on the 19th of April, for a price of €39,- (a little less than $50,-).

On the 19th Disneyland Paris will share more about what to expect of the evening. A big headliner might be the Marvel: Super Heroes United show in the Studio Theater, that is also one of the main events during the new season Marvel Summer of Super Heroes that will start on june 10.

Concept art for Marvel: Super Heroes United

On March 30, 2018, was the first AP-night for Infinity Passholders, themed to The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror because of it’s tenth anniversary. Visitors where encouraged to come to this ‘Soirée de Gala’ dressed as Hollywood citizens of around 1939 and various actors roamed the park and the attraction to make the experience more special.

The night opened with the projection mapping show that was also shown during the inauguration of the tower. There was also a dance party and several attractions were open. The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster even got a special one-night Twilight Zone overlay (with lights and music). Well that is a way to travel to other dimensions! At Tower Hotel Gifts, there was also an exclusive Hollywood Tower Hotel key available (see the photo by ED92). Visitors received a goodie bag at the start of the evening, with a luggage label in the same theme.

If the next AP-night brings new exclusive experiences and items just as the first one did, this seems to be an event to really look forward to. What do you think we can expect?